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‘An Epic Tracee Moment’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Doctor’s Visit Turned Into an Impromptu Fashion Show After the Actress Posted This

Tracee Ellis Ross proved that one could make a fashion statement in even the most untimely situations as she uploaded a video while at the doctor’s office. 

On Tuesday, June 15, the actress, who was getting her knees checked, showcased to millions of her fans how stylish she thinks the hospital shorts are, following her ultrasound. In the recording, Ross is also seen modeling the blue paper shorts with her tucked-in white blouse while trying to convince her fans that she may have created a new fashion trend. 

Tracee Ellis Ross turned her knee appointment at the doctor’s office into a fashion show as the actress flaunted how the hospital shorts can be used for everyday wear. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

The “Black-ish” star said as she struts up and down the room, “Getting my knees checked, just had an ultrasound look at these fancy paper shorts. So fashionable, huh? They’re paper, no pockets. No Pockets.” Ross accompanied the hilarious clip with the caption, “When I’m left alone for 2 minutes 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 these shorts are [low-key] fire tho…and yes, I took them home.”

As the video made its way onto her followers’ timelines, many of them expressed how funny Ross was. In contrast, others mentioned their favorite moments in the short recording, including the 48-year-old’s frequent body rolls. 

“It’s the body roll for me.”

“Girl you funny a as hell! 😂😍.”

“It’s the body roll at the end and the corresponding sound the paper makes that takes me out… 💀💀😭😆😆😆.”

“😂😂 an epic Tracee moment!! thankyou!!!!!”

“😂😂 I love that you went to the trouble of doing a tuck in with paper shorts #fashionista.”

In the past, Ross often credited her mother, icon, Diana Ross, for her love of fashion. She also shared a tip the legendary singer taught her, especially when spending money on lavish ensembles

Last November, the “Girlfriends” actress shared that her mother’s tip to getting excessive use out of a couture garment is by preserving and wearing them. She wrote, “My mama always said if you’re going to spend money on clothes, then take care of them and use them a lot. I use this @balenciaga coat A LOT.”

Ross shared the initial tip with a video of herself flaunting the green Balenciaga coat while gliding in the snow at an undisclosed location. She said, Good morning, good afternoon, Merry Christmas. How are you today? I just woke up and threw this on. It will be my first of many outfits for the day. What are you doing this Christmas? Jingle bells, Jingle bells. Batman’s gotta slay.”

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