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‘Omg What Was I Thinking?’: Nicki Minaj Apologizes After T-Pain Recalls the Time She Ghosted Him When They Were Trying to Work Together

T-Pain is revealing a possible past celebrity crush, while also sharing how that musical artist ghosted him in the past.

On Friday, June 11, the rapper appeared as a guest on “The 85 South Comedy Show,” where he opened up about Nicki Minaj ghosting him after they were in discussion to do a song collaboration.

Nicki Minaj apologizes to T-Pain after he recalls the time she curved him when they were trying to work together. (Photo: @nickiminaj/Instagram) (Photo: @tpain/Instagram)

“I think I met Nicki in 2007 and we had just, you know we was about to work together,” he started, “and she had stopped responding and I was like, ‘Nick let me know what’s going on.’ ”

She was like ‘Hey I’m an artist too and I’m working on my shit. So you know…maybe chill.’ ” T-Pain recalls expressing agony on his face a reaction to Nicki’s message of “my heart.” Co-host of the show Karlous Miller and guest host Navv Greene both responded with confusion written all over their faces and in their tone. Greene asked, “That was it,” and Miller said, “T-Pain!?”

T-Pain clarified, saying Minaj’s response in his dms was “not a malicious thing,” but then had another conclusion to the reason he was disappointed by her response. “Maybe I was in love with Nicki Minaj,” he confessed.

It’s not clear if T-Pain was joking about having a thing for the self-proclaimed Queen of Rap. Minaj herself came across the video of the interview and left the “Can’t Believe It” artist a sweet message in the comments.

She said, “I don’t remember this AT ALL but it DEF sound like smthn I would say 🥴😂 omg what was I thinking? He was already a rlly big artist. I was still underground. Chileeeeee I used to b buggin yo 😭 I was under so much pressure to deliver 😫 my bad babe, all love. I have nthn but respect for your talent.” The mother of one went on to show gratitude to Kanye West “for clearing ‘Go Hard’ for Beam Me Up Scotty last month.” The song she mentioned, “Go Hard,” is a DJ Khaled song on which T-Pain appears, and that Minaj sampled for her 2009 “Beam Me Up Scotty” mixtape that now, to tie in with its 12th anniversary, is on streaming platforms.

Directing the latter part of the message back to T-Pain she said, “ 🙏 listening to you over & over on that record taught me SM about harmonies & background vocals. Your vocals on that song alone are GOATED FOR LIFE. I listened to every single detail. @tpain.”

It may be that this interview will inspire the two artists to cook something up in the studio at some point.

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