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‘But We Look the Same’: Issa Rae Responds In the Most Unexpected Way to Black Woman Who Said She’s Unattractive

Issa Rae might just be added to the clap-backers team now.

On Friday, May 21, a Twitter user decided to blast the actress-producer over her appearance. The woman wrote, “Issa Rae is not an attractive woman to me and that is okay. Every black person aint attractive.” She went on to say, “Also, she will never know who I am and even if she did it doesn’t matter because I don’t want to f–k her or be hired by her.”

Issa Rae claps back at Twitter user who makes comments about her looks. (Photo: @issarae/Instagram)

Despite Issa not knowing her, the woman did end up getting the NAACP Image Award winner’s attention. Screenshotting a photo of the woman’s Twitter profile photo, Issa said, “Okay, but we look the same? The f–k?” The Twitter user apparently felt no remorse over her words, because shortly after receiving Issa’s message she had more to say. She said, “Issa we really don’t and its fine to have similar features that doesn’t mean we look alike.

Issa Rae wrote another tweet, this time adding a little comedy. She said, “Not my cousins publicly disrespecting me.” Even fans came to Issa’s defense, agreeing with the “Insecure” actress’s message that the woman does resemble Issa. One fan said, “Y’all look tf alike really. She just glowed up on ya ass,” and another wrote, “Lmfao, miss girl???? The call sound like it’s coming from inside the house…..y’all look related.”

But the Twitter user continued to stand her ground, as well as use her newfound fame to direct her critics to her YouTube channel and a video she created where she explains the reasoning for her tweet. She said it started after social media users were discussing Issa Rae’s comments about Nipsey Hussle mending her and Lauren London’s relationship. Issa explained the beef started after TV executives suggested London star as the lead in Issa’s HBO hit series “Insecure” instead of Issa herself. She went on to talk about it in interviews and in her book, which caused some friction between Issa and Lauren.

The news of the beef began to circulate on social media, which prompted conversations surrounding colorism and beauty. The conversation surrounding Issa’s appearance is what led the Twitter user to make her controversial tweet, she claimed. After informing her supporters and objectors on social media that the video had been uploaded, she tweeted the next day that she was not going to argue with anyone about the subject anymore.

She tweeted, “I’m done responding to uninterested and uninvested ‘fans’. If you not gone click the link in my bio to watch the story, then save your comments because the person who it was addressed to addressed it. The rest of yall can go to hell cuz now YOU DESPERATE for attention.”

The commotion created around the young lady’s tweet made Issa’s name trend on Twitter. Although she got a lot of backlash, the woman said, “I ain’t changing, deleting, or apologizing for what I said. Thats not gone happen,” and went so far as to change her Twitter name to “Issa Rae Fat Twin.”

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