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‘We Don’t Even Really Know Who Ghost Is’: Omari Hardwick Shares He Would Like to ‘Cut My Teeth on the Pre-world’ of His Infamous Character In a ‘Power’ Spinoff

It seems for some viewers of the “Power” series, one spin-off may not be enough.

A spin-off possibility was part of a chat during a Thursday, May 13, virtual interview for “Power” star Omari Hardwick, who plays the series’ main character, drug kingpin Ghost, with rapper Fat Joe. The two discussed the possibility of a show that explores where Ghost “came from.”

Omari Hardwick talks about the possibility of a ‘Power’ spin-off centering around Ghost. (Photo: @omarihardwickofficial/Instagram)

Toward the end of their almost hour-long conversation, Hardwick shared that Courtney A. Kemp, who is the creator of the Starz show, and rapper 50 Cent, the show’s executive producer who is an actor on the show, would have to be “in the conversation” to make something like a Ghost spin-off happen.

“I feel that it could make more sense soon come than it would have closer to when ‘Power’ first go-round ended,” he said. “I feel like it’s allowing me the space to breathe and not only to have a breath but to display my breadth of ability. I feel like the bandwidth that I’m now able to show because I’m away from that show I think, bro, humbly stated that perhaps affords the better meeting of the minds where there might be a conversation where we go can ‘Can there be this world?’ ”

Although there isn’t any confirmation on whether the show will actually be done in the future, Hardwick says he’s down to do it. “I would love to cut my teeth on the pre-world that Ghost came from,” he said. “I would love to play the world that I never got to play and to really sink my teeth in the juicy tids and the bits included in all of that sh-t that the world never really got to … we don’t even really know who Ghost is.”

He added, “ We only really know from Tasha, the kids, Tommy, Angela but we don’t really know this kid, and everybody’s spin-off is about them being known. How ironic. Because as an actor Joe I don’t feel like I did the full turn of the guy until I go back a bit.”

The sequel to the first ‘Power’ series, “Power Book II: Ghost,” is currently airing. It’s a continuation of where the last series ended, now making Ghost’s son, Tariq, the main character. It was announced last year in February that three more spin-offs from the beloved hit show are in the works. “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” which tells the story of Kanan Starke’s life before fans met him on “Power.” There will also be “Power Book IV: Influence” and “Power Book V” which will be about Councilman Rashad Tate and Ghost’s former best friend Tommy Egan.

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