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Gayle King Thinks a Tiffany Haddish Talk Show Would Be ‘Great Fun,’ But Fans Have Other Opinions: ‘No Thanks’

When it comes to who may inherit Ellen DeGeneres’s talk show crown, Gayle King is giving a thumbs-up for Tiffany Haddish.

“I think that could be fun. That would be great fun,” King told “Entertainment Tonight.”

“They know she can do the job. Kelly Clarkson is doing great. So they’ve got some options, but there still is only one Ellen.”

Tiffany Haddish speaks during the Verizon Big Concert For Small Business broadcast on February 07, 2021. (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Verizon)

After DeGeneres announced that her popular show would end with its 19th season, speculation ran rampant that Haddish was highly favored to inherit the highly coveted spot. According to Page Six, an NBCUniversal source called her “a favorite, she has humor and empathy in spades,” adding, “She’s top of the list to get a daytime show – she’s a fresh voice.”

Even so, King said she was “surprised” by DeGeneres’ decision. “But I also understand. Look, she’s been doing it for 19 years, she’s been at the top of her game for the 19 years. The work that Ellen has done, over $300 million has been given to audience members, over $70 million for charity, and she really was a show that just makes you feel good when you watch it.”

She added, “I love her personality; I love her take on life and the way she would come out. She always just wanted to make people feel better, always. And she has done that, she has done that to those of us who watch her show. There’s nothing about leaving on your own terms that’s very satisfying.”

While King may be on board with Haddish taking over as the new queen of talk shows, fans had differing opinions.

“She’s not funny tries to hard.”

“Why do y’all dislike this woman so much. This is actually amazing!”

“No thanks.”

“OMG! I hope this happens she would be an amazing talk show host.”

“NO-ONE can replace ELLEN!”

Haddish, who filled in for DeGeneres last October and this April, also has publicly supported the NBC host during an appearance on the show.

When the comedian made a guest appearance on an episode in September and Ellen thanked her for accepting the invitation to appear on the show, she said: “‘I mean, you the best. You know, I love you and I support you 110 percent.”

Haddish was DeGeneres’s first guest after she made headlines for claims of engendering a toxic working environment by ex-employees.

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