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‘You Sure You Want This Smoke’: Romeo Miller Suggests He and Bow Wow Take ‘Verzuz’ Battle Convo Offline After Heated Responses

The beef that has seemed to follow rappers Bow Wow and Romeo Miller off and on throughout their careers appears to be back on again following a “Verzuz” challenge that Miller presented during Fox Soul show “The Mix.”

Romeo Miller (left) and Bow Wow (right) are at it again. (Photos: @romeomiller/Instagram, @shadmoss/Instagram)

Miller and his co-hosts interviewed Tameka “Tiny” Harris after the recent Xscape and SWV “Verzuz” battle, and little did he know that his “friendly” challenge would become grounds for some fresh beef.

At 3:23 Romeo credits being inspired by the “friendly competition” the streaming battles and makes his former teen competitor an offer. “Imma put this out there. If Bow Wow do a got d**m battle and it’s not with me, don’t do it,” he declared. “I’m just saying. So if Bow do a battle, I’m open for it! I think y’all showed that this is good for the new generation because you’re showing people ‘Look, this is why we’re here. We’re not just here by luck.’ Y’all was a whole generation, so y’all definitely inspired me as well.”

Harris agreed that the two “have to do the battle,” and the “My Baby” rapper explained that they should participate in the “friendly competition” to “bring back that nostalgia.” “I’m cool if he don’t do it, but if he do it, it better be Romeo versus Bow Wow, because that’s what it was back in the day,” he explained. “We need that fresh friendly competition baby, bring back that nostalgia.”

The challenge made its way back to Bow Wow, who responded with a barbed tweet. “You sure you want this smoke?” asked the “Let Me Hold You” rapper. “i see you calling me out. You sure this what you want to do? #VERZUZ”

Bow Wow responds to Romeo’s comments during “The Mix.” @smoss/Twitter

Romeo, who didn’t appear to appreciate Bow’s less-than-friendly reply, tagged him in an Instagram Stories statement explaining that the two of them not working together as of yet was not for lack of trying on Romeo’s part, and that he’s down for a little “smoke” himself. “Regarding this verzuz talk, I’ve gave this man Bow @shadmoss his roses since we was kids and even reached out myself (multiple times) to celebrate him and our era together in a creative way,” he explained. “I could put my pride to the side if it means doing something positive and bringing back nostalgia for a dope ass generation.”

“Now if you think this is smoke my brother, we could hit up @loganpaul and get one of those boxing tickets,” he continued. “You know me in real life bro, we aren’t kids anymore; leave that for the fans. This ain’t about the competition for me, this is about showing the impact that 2 young kids had on the entire industry. That’s the Win. To inspire the next! It’s NoLimit. You got my number, hit me. Blessings young Legend.”

Romeo tells Bow Wow they can take their convo offline. @romeomiller/Instagram

Fans aren’t as eager to see the pair face off as Miller might think, however, and they suggested he let Bow compete against an opponent like Soulja Boy instead.

“Romeo u had one song chillllllll😂”

“Chile, after Romeo play 2 songs – what he gone do next? It’s no shade, he doesn’t have enough songs to battle Bow Wow.. Do Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy or something..”

“now Romeo…”

“Percy JR .. now now we don’t need this type of nonsense 🤣🤣”

At the time of this writing, Bow Wow hasn’t responded to Romeo again publicly.

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