‘That’s a No No’: Vivica A. Fox Blasts Porsha Williams ‘Girl Code’ Violation, Dishes on Bad Breakup That Nearly Broke Her

Actress Vivica A. Fox is holding little to nothing back when it comes to sharing the life lessons that have shaped her into the outspoken and undeniably confident woman fans have loved for years.

Ahead of a May 15 women’s workshop, Conversations with Kym Virtual Women’s Empowerment Experience, the “Kill Bill 2” actress opened up to Atlanta Black Star about her journey to re-empowering herself after a love loss, and the buzzing topic of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams’ latest engagement news. 

Having dabbled in the world of reality TV, Fox knows that securing a storyline is a major part of success for reality TV participants. However, when it comes to love, Fox was clear that Williams’ decision to seek love from her alleged friend Falynn Guobadia’s soon-to-be ex-husband Simon Guobadia was a major girl code violation.

“It’s definitely in my honest opinion broke girl code,” Fox said. “You know we as women we gotta learn to stick together. We don’t get engaged to our girlfriend’s man, that is just a no.”

Fox, who co-hosts “Cocktails with Queens” alongside Claudia Jordan, LisaRaye, and Syleena Johnson, has gained an even larger following for her outspoken take on current pop culture events in the past year. She often makes it clear that when it comes to women less should be done to degrade one another, and Williams’ viral moment is no exception.

Vivica A. Fox says she wants women to learn to stick together and to support one another through the journey of life. (Photo: @msvfox/Instagram)

“It’s good entertainment, she went viral, but you have to watch when going viral. Your reputation, your reputation is everything, you may have this moment but what about your career,” she said. “You have to carry yourself as a lady.”

The “Two Can Play That Game” actress also revealed that moving through a public breakup was a crash course of sorts at showing yourself grace, a message she also hopes to impart upon attendees of the virtual empowerment event.

“I went through a — publicly a bad breakup,” recounted Fox. “My name was drug through the mud, this and the third, that was hard for me to find the courage to pick myself back up. Because it felt like nobody cared, like everybody was loving to just kind of stump on Vivica at the time, and it was like, ‘see there, you ain’t all that.'”

Fox divorced her husband of four years, Christopher Harvest, in 2002. Though she has never remarried, the movie producer did temporarily find love in her highly publicized, and often criticized, relationship with rapper 50 Cent in the early 2000s. In the midst of the hoopla surrounding her private life, Fox opened up about having to roll up her sleeves and really work on who Vivica was before the tumultuous breakup, and who she was after.

“I was Vivica Fox before and I will be Vivica Fox after. I found different ways to get my love,” she shared. Some of those ways included pouring back into herself and surrounding herself with the family, friends, and the unconditional love of her godchildren. 

“Through that, I was able to recharge, regroup, and recreate, and that’s why I’m here now to empower and to enlighten others and let you know, baby, if he didn’t make you, don’t you dare let him break you,” Fox said.

The Conversations with Kym Virtual Women’s Empowerment Experience takes place May 15 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. To register for admission, click here or visit: https://bit.ly/33KkQuM. Fox will co-host the event with motivational speaker Kym Feltus as they welcome a roster of celebrity guests such as Trina Braxton and Eva Marcille, scores of musical performances, and guest panelists. 

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