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Colorado Man Gets Four Years Probation Despite Impersonating Police, Making Threats and Pinning Black College Student to the Ground

A Colorado man was sentenced to four years of supervised probation after holding two roof repair salesmen at gunpoint after accusing them of being antifa operatives.

Scott Gudmundsen, 66, pleaded guilty to the class 5 felony of felony menacing at a March 18 disposition hearing, reports local station 9news.

As part of his plea agreement with the 8th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Gudmundsen will agree to supervised mental health treatment.

On June 11, 2020, Gudmundsen called 911 dispatchers and informed them that he was going to pursue two antifa members in his neighborhood, the Loveland Police Department stated in a press release.

The two individuals were salesmen wearing white surgical masks and polo shirts showing their company name.

One of the men was identified as a Colorado State University football player Barry Wesley, who later spoke to Sports Illustrated about the harrowing encounter. Wesley and his coworker were employed at a roofing company, and going around a Loveland neighborhood soliciting business.

Scott Gudmundsen kneeled on Barry Wesley for several minutes (Credit: Loveland PD, CSU Rams website)

He said Gudmundsen, who was wearing camouflage and body armor, rushed toward them yelling “Police! Get on the f—— ground or I’ll kill you!” Wesley, who is Black, said Gudmundsen shunned his colleague who is white, instead choosing to subjugate him.

While Wesley was on the ground, Gudmundsen kneeled on his neck for several minutes and held a gun up to Wesley’s head.

As he pleaded for his life, Gudmundsen told him, “You’re lucky. I’m not going to kill you. The police are going to do that for me.”

Moments after a witness called in to report the incident, LPD officers reached the scene and “took Gudmundsen into custody after he surrendered his two Glock semi-automatic pistols.”

A menacing charge usually warrants a prison sentence of one to three years, including two years of mandatory probation, but an arrangement between prosecutors and Gudmundsen’s team gave the judge the options of probation or 30 months in community corrections, according to 9news.

Previously, it was suggested that Gudmundsen go through an evaluation in Wellness Court. According to Fort Collins Coloradoan, “Wellness court is an alternative to incarceration for those with a severe and persistent mental illness.” However, Gudmundsen was not admitted to the program.

Gudmundsen’s family has said mental health issues were at the source of the incident.

District Judge Carroll Brinegar said she resolved to give Gudmundsen probation because he would remain under supervision for an extended amount of time, reports 9news.

Brinegar said that if Gudmundsen violates any of the terms of his probation he will return to court for resentencing.

Gudmundsen and his lawyer both said in statements before sentencing, that he is “very remorseful” and that “multiple brain injuries, PTSD and the lingering mental impact of anesthesia from a surgery that persisted for six weeks all contributed to his demeanor during the incident.

Following the incident, Gudmundsen appeared to be of the state of mind to call the roofing company about the young men. Again accusing them of being “antifa,” “yelling violently” and complained about the way they were dressed with their masks. The supervisor would advise Wesley and his colleague to not return to the neighborhood.

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