‘The Shop Didn’t Lose 5K: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Walt Hits Back at Claims That He Stole from Ceaser

Black Ink Crew” star Walt will not allow his name to be tarnished for the sake of entertainment — at least that’s what the reality star feels is taking place. 

Earlier this month, it was reported that the VH1 reality star, whose real name is Walter Miller, had allegedly broken into his former workplace, the Harlem, New York, location of Black Ink and stolen $5,000 from the cash register along with merchandise and other items.

Ceaser Emanuel
(L) Ceaser Emanuel and (R) Walter. @VH1 screengrabs

During the airing of the episode, Walt appeared to confess to the crimes — explaining that he was planning on replacing the money later. 

The whole bulls–t with the whole register s–t man… I definitely had something to do with that,” he admitted during the scene. “I tried to like, fix it up later on when I got the break up from the back. S–t ain’t really easy for me. I’m not making any excuses, but I definitely did that dumb s–t.”

However, the 39-year-old is now singing a different tune. Walt denied taking money from the shop and said, in a now-deleted comment captured by blog site Reality Entertainment TV, that his former boss Ceaser Emanuel is lying on him for ratings. 

“Nahh this is hilarious and sad. I didn’t break into any shop. The shop didn’t lose 5K,” Walt wrote. The photographer went on to deny other claims made by his co-star, stating, “I was NEVER homeless. NOBODY helped me on my feet when I was down and out. My wife and I are really married but the wedding you saw was some TV s–t lol.”

Walt maintained that he was “far from perfect” and “understand folks are upset about some things but this is some made for TV Sh-t that people are trying to with and it’s sad.” The former Black Ink receptionist ended his statement by saying, “It will all make sense soon enough.”

Walt’s wife, Jessica, appeared to be sticking by her man when comes to this incident. Jessica co-signed Walt’s comment, stating, “Viacom took us to Hawaii; that was a free trip ALL for an episode.” She added, “But y’all keep tuning in tho lmaooooo. I can’t TV friends.”

She also backed up her husband’s claims that Ceaser never assisted him in any capacity, writing, “Never help him move. And that’s real life. They don’t even know where we live now. Nah wtf is really in charge here lmao.”

Elsewhere, Ceaser told media outlet Distractify that it “broke my heart” to learn that Walt had stolen from him. He added, “I never thought Walt would do that to me… It cuts deep because it’s not no TV sh-t.” He also revealed that the two were no longer friends.

On Tuesday, April 28, Ceaser teased his former “brother” about the situation when he shared a clip from Morgan Freeman’s 1989 film “Lean on Me” on his Instagram page. Freeman plays a strict high school principal, and, in the video, he’s yelling at a troubled student. “You smoke crack, don’t cha!?” Freeman’s character was labeled “Puma,” while the tearful student was labeled “Walt.”

Ceaser Emanuel Photo: @ceaserblackink/Instagram
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