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‘Her Voice is Just Timeless’: Toni Braxton Wows Jada Pinkett Smith with ‘Impromptu’ Performance at Her Home

Jada Pinkett Smith elated millions of her fans on Monday, April 25, when she uploaded a video of her longtime friend and “Kingdom Come” co-star  Toni Braxton singing a rendition of Anita Baker’s 1986 hit “You Bring Me Joy.” In the clip, Braxton, who is wearing an all-white attire with sunglasses, is seen playing the piano as she sang lines from the first verse, which read “I saw your face and then I knew, We would be friends I was so afraid but your eyes, they’d say ‘Come to me.’ “

In the caption, Smith thanked Braxton for the “impromptu session” of her favorite songs. She also described how magnetizing the songstress’ voice is as she shares her love for music. 

Jada Pinkett Smith shared a clip of Toni Braxton singing a rendition of Anita Baker’s “You Bring Me Joy.” Photo:@jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

“When your girl, the one and only @tonibraxton pulls up to kick it and blesses you with an impromptu session of some of her favorite songs. It was such a special day. I was in awe of the power of spirit that comes through her voice. I felt so honored to be in this moment with her and witness firsthand her intimate love and connection to music and her love of sharing her gift. It’s a treasure when you can experience the gift of an artist in a way that it envelops you and makes itself tangible. You had to be there but I’m going to share just a little piece of the day in hopes that you can feel it. Thank you Toni✨ I love you❣️

Happy Sunday and … you’re welcome😉💫.” 

Braxton, in return, thanked the actress for her kind words. “Thanks for the love sis!! I’m going to listen to you and start playing more🥰” A multitude of fans expressed how they were left in awe by the “living legend.”

“Her voice is Just Timeless, chills all over 🥰😇 Many Blessings 👑👑’s.”

“We don’t call her Toni Braxton Living Legend for nothin!! 🔥🔥🔥.”

“Imagine having a friend like Toni, that just pulls up on you and sing, the vibes!”

“Her voice is just everything.”

“Her voice really draws you in! Absolutely Beautiful!”

As many people complimented the living legend’s immaculate talent, others mentioned Anita Baker’s music and her recent battle to gain control of her masters. One wrote Braxton’s cover of Baker’s song was nice to hear since the 63-year-old asked fans to stop streaming her music. “This was so great since Anita asked us not to stream her music right now and I miss it!”

An Instagram user and a Baker fan jokingly offered to help the legendary singer get her masters. “Can we listen to Anita again or nah?? Did she get her masters back? I’m on, and from the Eastside of Detroit, I’ll go get them for her💅🏿….”

In March, Baker took to Twitter to ask her fans to stop streaming and purchasing her songs in hopes of stopping executives from making any more money as she fights to get the copyrights to her music reverted to her. 

The legendary singer wrote, “Miraculously… I have out-lived all of my artist’s contracts. They no longer “own” my name and likeness. And, by law…30- year-old masters are to be returned to me. Unfortunately, they’re gonna make me fight for it. I’m prepared, to do that. Please don’t advertise/buy them.”

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