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‘I Couldn’t Believe I Was That Girl’: Angela Simmons Opens Up About Her Personal Experience Being In an Abusive Relationship

On average, 10 million people annually become victims of domestic abuse, according to statistics released by The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Vision. And like any other life experience, pedigree or social status do not provide exemptions from domestic violence, apparently not even for reality TV star Angela Simmons.

Simmons, the daughter of Run-DMC’s Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, knows this harsh reality from firsthand experience. 

Angela Simmons opensup on “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED” about her past experience with domestic violence. (Photo: Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED/ Youtube)

While speaking this week with Jason Lee of “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED,” Simmons opened up about one of the most challenging times in her personal life.

“I couldn’t believe I was that girl and I was going through that, I just couldn’t have ever imagined it, but it was definitely a tough space for me to be in,” said Simmons.

The 33-year-old first discussed her past with domestic violence on “Growing up Hip hop” in 2019, and since then she’s used her personal testimony to help others leave relationships laced with abuse.

When probed for details on the type of abuse she suffered, Lee divulged that his own sister, whom he viewed as strong and coming from a good family, had suffered physical abuse from a past lover.

On social media people were outraged at both the host discussing something of such a personal nature about his sister as well as by his line of questioning.

“I’m mad he just threw his sister name out there 😬😩”

“I hated how casually he said that like he was taking the dog out for a walk”

“Did he really ask her how bad the abuse was? All abuse is bad 🤔”

Simmons, however, did not respond to the anecdote, but did clarify the kinds of abuse she privately endured.

“Hands thrown, hands used and I wouldn’t say punched, but hands used and things thrown and stuff like that enough where there were bruises,” said the mother of a 3-year-old son. “It’s a tough place to be in. Physical abuse is not the only thing that’s abusive, mental abuse is very real and can put you in isolation, and I think it’s really important that you don’t get stuck there.”

Simmons has never named her alleged abuser, stating, “whoever did it is important enough for me to discuss.” Still across social media platforms fans have speculated who they believe the culprit is. As for why she left, Simmons simply shared, “I knew when enough was enough.”

When asked what her takeaway was for that relationship, she had this to say:

“I learned to never say never because you never know you’re going to be that person until you’re in it. And then once you’re in it I feel like you make excuses to stay, and if there’s anyone who’s watching who’s in one or you know, stuck in it, you really got to find someone that you can go to to talk to.”

Now, seemingly presented more details about Simmons past with domestic violence, fans have shown added sympathy to her.

“Omg y’all I didn’t know she went through this 😢”

“The sad part is that there are people who assume just because someone is famous or has money that they can’t be abused.”

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