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‘Don’t Come Ova Here Starting Mess’: Fans Rush to Kirk Franklin’s Defense After a Troll Brings Up His Estranged Son Kerrion In His Post to Grandson

Kirk Franklin is receiving a small bit of backlash from fans after posting a sweet message for his grandson. His Instagram post, which was uploaded last week, showed a photo of him holding his 1-year-old grandson as he looked at Franklin.

Franklin penned a lengthy caption to celebrate his grandson’s first birthday. He wrote, “I haven’t had the privilege of holding him often due the 100 year plague he was born into… can only imagine how the last 365 days on this planet have been for him… isolated, yet loved, sheltered, yet still covered, and dreams of getting dirty with food all over his clothes with others kids at the park, are what bedtime stories are made of.”

Kirk Franklin pens sweet message to his grandson.(Photo: @kirkfranklin/Instagram

He continued, “This is my baby’s baby…His momma and daddy are legends in my eyes. Staying together through this pandemic, and loving this little boy with a sacrificial elegance only a few know as new parents during this historic isolation, an exclusive fraternity for the brave at heart. Happy one year young king. We have so much catching up to do 👑 ❤️.”

Many fans applauded Franklin for his beautifully written message. One said that his words, “Touches my heart,” and another wrote, “Yes sir! You are indeed a writer. Beautiful post❤️.” While some saw Franklin’s post as just a sweet message, another fan believed the “Revolution” singer was taking a dig at his estranged son Kerrion.

The fan said, “Now Kirk the baby is cute and all, but my brother sir..👀👀 this shade…all i could think about is Kerrion..see whats always been wrong with us the black community is we love to sweep iisshh under the rug!!..I pray for yall..i know about family trauma and secrets..been there done that.”

Some of Franklin’s supporters rushed to the musical artist’s defense.

“Don’t come ova here starting mess.”

“Stay out of people’s personal lives.”

“If everyone around you including your mother is saying you’re the problem… the problem might just be you and in case you didn’t know I’m talking about Kerrion.”

Last month, Franklin’s fans were shocked after 32-year-old Kerrion released a recording of a heated conversation between him and his father. Franklin could be heard telling Kerrion things like “I will break your neck n—a. Don’t you ever disrespect me.” Kerrion continued to blast his father for a few days.

Franklin issued a public apology on social media where he explained that he and his son “have had a toxic relationship,” for many years and that they have tried seeking counseling. But Kerrion dismissed his father’s apology and said in a response that he’s “earned the space to speak how I please about my childhood.” Although things have since calmed down between the two on social media it is not entirely clear if the two have begun their journey toward healing their relationship again.

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