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‘I Hate Cowards!’: Leslie Jones Blasts Men and Women Who ‘Ghost’ People, Fans Agree

Comedian Leslie Jones has had it with people who have terrible communication skills.

On April 13, she posted a PSA message, blasting all “Dudes and dudettes” that have an issue with “ghosting” people. Ghosting is a term used to describe when someone cuts all communication with another person without leaving any explanation why they do not want to speak with them. This can essentially leave the person being “cut off,” so to speak, feeling confused, hurt, and questioning what they might have done wrong. Jones said, “Dudes and dudettes who ghost are cowards. Maybe they think that if they don’t respond the whole thing just never happened? They do not have the courage to be honest, and their manners are poor.” She continued, “I think ghosting is one of the cruelest things you can do — avoid someone because you don’t want to tell them the trust, leave someone hanging?! It’s so disrespectful of the other person’s feelings.”

Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones. (Photo: @lesdogggg/Instagram)

She ended her response with a final sentence in her caption that reads, “I hate cowards!”

It is not clear if Jones’s message was aimed at someone in particular or if it was something that was just on her mind, but either way it seems that many of her fans can relate to her feelings. One person said, “They don’t realize how much trauma they can inflict on the other person. It’s a classic narcissist move and they’ll make up reasons in their heads to excuse their behavior.”

Another person pointed out that “ghosting” has become so common that people now do it in other relationship besides just romantic. They said, “I agree!!!! And this doesn’t just happen in romantic relationships but friendships as well.”

Leslie Jones rant about “ghosting” (Photo: @lesdogggg/Instagram)

Just last month on “The Wendy Williams Show,” Jones shared with Wendy Williams that her love life is doing worse than the “corns” on her feet. After Williams asked about her current status she said, “My corns are doing better than the men in my life. You know I got on that Hinge thing?” (Hinge is a dating app designed to help people find their perfect match and then delete that app.) She continued, “I think I have to erase Hinge for a whole different reason.”

Her explanation is “The men are broken.” Now referring to the men, she said, “You know y’all always talk about how women are crazy — y’all need to go talk to somebody too. OK? We not all crazy, y’all just broken.”

Hopefully, Leslie will soon meet her match, whether it be virtually or in person.

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