‘I’m Going to Sneak This Little Picture’: Loni Love Shares How Tyler Perry Caught Here Taking Photos of His Home After Being Told Not to Do So

Loni Love disclosed on April 15 during an episode of “E! News Nightly Pop” — with Nina Parker and guest-co-host comedian Kym Whitley — that she got caught taking pictures of Tyler Perry‘s home after Perry previously instructed her not to do so. Aside from the location, “The Real” co-host never revealed when this specific event occurred. 

Love said when asked if she got ever got caught red-handed being nosey in someone else’s home, “I went to Tyler Perry’s house. He told me don’t take pictures, but I was so excited!” Whitley, who also visited Perry’s estate, added, “I was there with you, remember that? I remember you doing that.”

Loni Love reveals Tyler Perry caught her taking photos of his home after he asked her not to do just that. Photo:@comiclonilove @tylerperry/ Instagram

She also mentioned how Love didn’t care about the mogul’s house rules while asking the daytime television host to send her the photos from that monumental night. “She didn’t care! She was like, click, click. Send me some of the pictures!”

Love opened up that the reason she wanted to “sneak” a photo in was because Childish Gambino was performing. “I was like, looking all around. I said, ‘Tyler isn’t anywhere around. I’m going to sneak this little picture.’ Childish Gambino was performing, so I was like, ‘I just want like one memory.’ ” 

She also said that as soon as she lifted her camera to take the photo, Perry came up right behind her, tapped her on her shoulders, and signaled her to put down her phone.  

Some people reacted to Love’s revelation by stating they would’ve been just as excited as the comedian, while some others shared funny responses.

“Loni’s honest 🤗….. I can imagine she was overwhelmed being in Mr Tyler Perry’s home….”

“I bet that was a memorable and entertaining night at Tyler Perry’s house though.”

“I woulda died at the tap on the shoulder…”

“I’m dying. This is hilarious!!”

Last month, Love revealed she launched a production company called True Love Incorporated to create content as a Black creative. 

The comedian revealed that over the years, black creatives like Issa Rae and Ava DuVernay inspired her to open up her own company. She said, “There is a uniqueness to Black creatives and there are so many different types of voices. You see the Issa Raes and you see the Ava DuVernays, so that’s what actually encouraged me. I decided that I just wanted to open up my own production company where I’m able to work with different types of networks and studios to produce [products] as a Black creative.” 

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