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‘Y’all Is Trash’: Amara La Negra Blasts Fans for Unfollowing Her Amid Body Transformation

Amara La Negra has a message for her haters: “Y’all is trash.”

On April 13, she shared with her followers that people have been unfollowing her since her weight loss journey.

Amara La Negra before and after her weight loss. (Photos: @amaralanegraaln/Instagram)

“Goodmorning! Just Realized How Many People are unfollowing me because Iv lost weight! Wow,” she wrote in the caption. She continued on addressing her former followers “Y’all is Trash lol ok ok.. Y’all Will be back! For those that Still love me! I’m even more loyal to y’all for staying in my world.”

She shared the news with a photo of herself looking into the camera.

Fans left kind words in the “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star’s comments to show her that they support her.

“Love and Hip Hop” star Tammy Rivera responded, “That’s disgusting! How dare they! You are beautiful thick or slim thick!”

“We love you no matter what,” said one assuring fan. Someone else simply wrote “F-ck em.”

Just like Amara, singer Lizzo, has dealt with backlash from people concerned with her weight. The 32-year-old, who has been a major spokesperson for thicker women, recently responded to a TikTok video of a woman asking her “skinny” followers if they would “wake up and trade places with somebody who’s on the heavier side.”

The “Soulmate” singer started off her response saying the question reminded her of when diversity educator Jane Elliott asked a room full of white people to raise their hands if they would trade places with a Black person and be treated the way they are in this society.

She went on to say, “If I asked you right now, ‘Have you been shamed?’ Yes, you’ve been through a lot, yes, it sucks being a person in this society because we have to go through so much to love ourselves.”

She continued, “But would you switch places with a fat person’s body tomorrow? You would not because you know there’s a whole system that oppresses fat people that you do not experience that you will never experience. So let’s remember body positivity. Yes, we want to end harassment and shame, but we also are working to dismantle a system that oppresses fat people.”

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