‘I Really Needed This Rest and Reset’: Safaree Samuels Alludes That He and His Wife, Erica Mena, Are Back on Good Terms After Online Spat

It looks like Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have been able to work out things with their marriage.

After having an online spat on Twitter where the two hinted that their relationship was headed for divorce, it seems the two have been able to find common ground in the last couple of weeks. Last week, fans were surprised to learn from Samuels that his wife threw him a reggae-themed party. This was the first time he had mentioned Mena in a positive light since their social media fight. Since then, there have been several other hints that they reconciled.

Erica Mena (Photo: @iamericamena/Instagram)

On April 19, Samuels posted a close-up photo of Mena on his Instagram story where he wrote a cryptic message, saying, “I really needed this rest and reset. It’s about to get super real very soon😍🙏🏼✨.” He did not leave any other message to explain what exactly is supposed to be happening so “soon,” but it seems to be a good thing. Following that post, the next one was another close-up photo of Mena looking beautifu,l and this time he added a gif of one man fainting as his two guy friends try to catch him, which seems to be a compliment to Mena’s looks.

Erica Mena and her daughter Safire Majesty (Photo: @safiremajesty/Instagram)

Mena went viral earlier this week for what many called a “weird” post. She uploaded on her daughter’s private Instagram page a photo that was taken on Easter. The photo was of her and her daughter, but what made some people give the side-eye was the caption. It reads, “My mommy is so beautiful, sometimes I hear her and daddy in a closed room but I don’t know what’s happening in there. It sounds like wrestling but I love them both.” Fans were not pleased with the caption and were even convinced her husband was the real culprit behind it, but Mena indicated she was the one who wrote it.

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