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‘You Don’t Need a Filter’: Fans React to Halle Berry’s Filtered Selfie

Actress Halle Berry has been beautiful all her life, it seems. The 54-year-old made her debut on the Hollywood scene in 1991 with Spike Lee’s “Jungle Fever” and went on to win an Oscar in 2002 for her lead actress role in the film “Monster’s Ball.” 

This made Berry one of the Golden Girls of Hollywood, as she’s always been admired for her acting and undeniable beauty. Her recent IG photo is further proof that the mother of two has been turning back the hands of time. 

Actress Halle Berry poses for a selfie in a new IG post. @halleberry/Instagram

On Sunday, April 11, she captured a flick of herself kissing at the camera with duck lips while rocking an ombre loose wave hairstyle. 

“My daughter, has me trying out filters today 😆 what you think?” Berry captioned the photo that garnered over 182,000 likes on Instagram. 

While Berry looked gorgeous with the filter, fans reminded the Hollywood star that she’s beautiful without a filter. 

“A filter could never!!! 😂😍😍😍.”

“I think you’re the epitome of Beautiful- class & perfection.”

“You don’t need a filter ❤️.”

“Filters are fun… but I like the no filter Halle. 😍😍😍.”

“No, you’re so beautiful natural.”

Actress Halle Berry showcases her skin care routine. @halleberry/Instagram

For those curious about how Mrs. Berry keeps looking younger as the years go by, she shared her skin care routine in a four-step video while self-isolating last year. 

“Things have been especially crazy, and self-care is an absolute essential right now. So today, I’m doing something I’ve never really done before, especially for you – I’ll be sharing my 4 step-at-home facial routine, live from my house,” she captioned the video. “Hope that y’all can participate and really enjoy that extra time to comfort and pamper yourself. You absolutely deserve it. Happy Friday! ♥️.”

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