Jim Jones Proposes a Master Class to Teach Artists How to Monetize the Masters to Their Music: ‘Most of Y’all Are Still Slaves to the Rhythm’

Former “Love and Hip Hop: New York” cast member Jim Jones is using his music industry experience and public platform to help artists learn how to monetize their art.

In particular Jones wants artists to understand the importance of owning the masters to their music, and how to leverage that ownership for financial independence. The “We Fly High (Ballin’)” rapper addressed the matter of owning masters in a video posted to Instagram March 20.

Rapper Jim Jones recording in his Quarantine Studio. (Photo: @jimjonescapo/Instagram)

“My question is. … Do you even know what to do with your masters after you own them? Do you know how to cash in on your masters? Or do you ‘own your masters’ like you own a chain?”

In the music industry owning the masters to music, meaning the original recording or performance used to make duplicates and altered copies, means being able to control the use of an artist’s work. While the significance of artists’ ongoing battles to own their music is nothing new, it made major headlines in the 1990s when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol in a fight to control not only his music, but also his image and the use of his name.

Jones mentions in his post that independent artists often brag about owning their masters, but seldom does he hear of artists building capital off their work outside of streams and album sales.

“The only reason u know u own ur masters Is because u did a deal wit a company who told u that u get to keep ur masters but didn’t tell u how to benefit from ur masters,” wrote the Dipset member. “We need to have a Masters Class cause most of y’all are still Slaves to the Rhythm.”

As a result he proposed that a master class be taught to equip artists, both old and new, with the knowledge to build their wealth along with their music catalogs. Those following Jones resounded with support of his idea on social media. 

“FACTS! I tell this to artists ALL THE TIME! I know artists who own they masters and are DEAD BROKE. If you don’t have a catalog that consistently and constantly earning then owning your masters means nothing for you!”

“Talk that talk Capo 👏👏👏👏”

“Boss talk . Conversations to be had”

“💎💎💎 knowledge is power”

Providing the public with veteran industry knowledge is not the only way Jones is helping artists make the most of their dreams. As the pandemic shut down opportunities for artists to make money from live performances, Jones set up Quaratine Studios.

By building a studio in his home he found a way to make money for himself, as well as create an easy-access platform for artists to purchase a feature from him.

“I set up Quarantine Studios offering features, hooks, bars, dub plates, birthday shoutouts, business posts,” he told Revolt. “I have a layaway plan for artists who want to get a feature, whose finances are not where they want to be. They still have the opportunity to get a feature from Jim Jones.”

In its first year, the Quarantine Studios IG has attracted over 20,000 followers, hosted multiple artist showcases, and helped up-and-coming artists land features from major recording artists.

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