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‘That Chair Almost Took You Out’: Dancehall Singer Shenseea Leaves Viewers Splitting Their Sides After She Tries the ‘Heels Challenge’

Jamaican dancehall singer Shenseea is proving that she can run from any situation in heels. 

On Monday, March 15, the “Bad Alone” singer took to her Instagram account, where she uploaded a hilarious clip that shows her running in a pair of thigh-high red boots. The 24-year-old was taking part in the latest TikTok trend called the “HeelsChallenge.” The game gained attraction when a TikToker by the name of @feliciamonique08 — who wasn’t the original creator of the challenge — shared a clip of herself running through various harsh terrains in high heels.

Shenseea Photo: @Shenseea/Instagram

Now singer Shenseea is showing the world she, too, can do just about anything in some heels. First, she ran with her purse in hand, then she ran and jumped over a chair. The singer later ran while carrying her son Rajeiro Lee, and then she just plainly ran right before snatching up a PlayStation game console. However, for her final trick, the singer ran while “escaping property” before hysterically jumping up on and hugging a tree. 

Shenseea captioned the post, “#HeelsChallenge accepted 😈 @rajeiro__lee got me wobbling to the side!! 🤣i swear he is so HEAVY!!!!! 🪨.” The singer’s post was viewed over 300,000 times within an hour of its posting. 

Friends and fans were left in stitches, including one user who wrote, “Omg!!! The way you jumped on the tree!! I’m done for the day!!!❤️😂❤️.” Another person commented, “The last one I thought you was gone jump over the wall😭😭.” A third said jokingly, “Wull on deh shen is more than just a mommy she a world class tief to😂😂😂😂😂.”

Several fans had their doubts about whether this challenge could be completed, including one person who wrote, “😂😂😂😂 yo I thought you wouldn’t make it over the chair @shenseea.” “THAT CHAIR ALMOST TOOK you OUT girl!!🤣😂😜” said another.

The rising star is not only funny but has already seen her fair share of success since gaining attention for her first single, “Bless,” with Interscope Records. The song’s visual received over two million views in just two days of its release and was widely accepted within her fan base, known as the ShenYengs and others in the industry. 

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