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‘Dad-Your Flesh Weakened But Your Spirit Is Strong’: Lizzo Shares Letter She Penned to Her Father on the 12th Anniversary of His Passing

March 17 was the 12th anniversary of Lizzo’s father’s death, and to honor him she shared a beautiful letter that she penned to him.

In the Instagram post, she first shared a photo of a younger version of herself and her two parents. A photo of the letter was on the second slide and it reads, “12 years today since I lost my father. 6 years since I realized you can’t lose anyone you love. Dad- your flesh weakened but your spirit is strong and I know because you move me like wind at my back. I hear your quiet voice in my head as I walk your path. And when I holding the mic so tightly my fingers cramp and I am afraid – you hold my hand. You bring life into me and as long as there’s…” the last part says right before being cut off. In the third slide, Lizzo uploaded a throwback solo photo of just her father sitting on the ground smiling at the camera.

Lizzo, her mother and her father (Photo: @lizzobeeating/Instagram)

Her caption says, “12 years since we lost you, dad. I wish you could see this… I’d say you wouldn’t believe it—but you knew what I would achieve even back when I couldn’t. ❤️Hug your people today y’all. Tell em you love them. It matters.. all the hugs and love I gave my daddy are still here. I can feel it. Love never dies.”

The letter Lizzo wrote for her father. (Photo: @lizzobeeating/Instagram)

Fans sent the “Soulmate” singer some support. One person said, “sending you so much love today & everyday.” Another fan shared that she could relate with Lizzo in regard to dealing with a hard loss. She wrote, “He can see it, babygirl ❤️ Lost my daddy 3 years ago this June, he sees it I promise.”

Lizzo shared in a January “CBS This Morning” interview that when her father died of congestive heart failure she became depressed and “gave up” on music, became homeless and started sleeping in her car. “I spent Thanksgiving in that car, and I remember I cried myself to sleep,” she said. Lizzo added that she became motivated to do music again when she responded to a Craigslist ad in search of a band singer.

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