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Erica Mena Responds After Being Called Out as the Real Owner of a Company Marketed as a Black-Owned Business

“Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Erica Mena responded to the claims that she is allegedly an owner of a Black-owned company named The Crowned Lady on March 16 after a story was published on the blog site The Neighborhood Talk. The Crowned Lady is a small boutique that sells discount designer products — Black-owned description is located toward the bottom of their home page.

Mena, who is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, is accused of profiting off the Black community. Fans also claim the reality star has previously mentioned she is Afro-Latina — Latin American of African descent — in the past.

Erica Mena has fired back at people who question whether she is the actual owner of an online boutique that describes itself as Black-owned. (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram)

Mena answered those allegations by clapping back at an Instagram user and influencer named Jessenia Gallegos in the initial post’s comment section for asking her if the Hispanic-owned description was not an option. Gallegos wrote, “Y not just list as a Latino owned? Was that not an option?” 

The reality star replied, “Why not contact me directly since you so concerned. Is being a gullible troll your option?” Mena also said she is an investor and business adviser to The Crowned Lady but does not specify how much ownership she does have in the company. “So we going after people for being investors and business advisers in my friend and family businesses!? Because wake call I always all [out] for mine. I don’t give a F what you bloggers and trolls got to say about [that]. Half of you struggle because the internet is all you have.”

Erica Mena claps back. @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

This response came hours after the blog site published a story about an unnamed Instagram user who uploaded a series of messages to the company asking who their CEO is after finding out it was a black-owned business.

When the company did not provide the answers being sought, the user then asked if it was Mena after the user’s confirmation receipt had the email [email protected] linked to it. The “LHH” star has owned the LLC to the name Mena Millions since 2012. Although The Crowned Lady never confirmed who its CEO is, it did say that Mena only participated in paid promotions with the company. Many people felt Mena’s replies were rude and unnecessary and brought up what they thought were the differences between being an investor and owning a business.

Erica Mena. @theneighborhoodtalk/Instagram

“Nobody is upset about her investing in her friend’s business, it’s the fact that they lied and said that she has no involvement with the company at all and won’t name a CEO. That’s weird asf.”

“Instead of being defensive, she could have just explained that she was an investor. As an ‘investor’ this is unprofessional.”

“Owing the company and investors are two different things.”

“But owning the company & being an investor are TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS!!! But ok go off 😂.”

“The business is incorporated under her name. That’s not an investment move, thats ownership. But okay ma’am, lol.”

In addition to the company drama, Mena has been making headlines lately for her personal life. Earlier this month the mother of two informed her followers on Twitter that she doesn’t need marriage advice from anyone following a heated argument with her husband Safaree Samuels on social media.

She wrote, “I don’t run to y’all about my marriage issues so please save the energy on giving me advice. I know what’s what. I do what’s best. And if I’m not the best version of myself for whatever reason that isn’t fair to my kids. MY KIDS come before every and anything.”

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