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‘Begging to Perform?’: Fans Split After Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak’s Group Silk Sonic Were Added to List of Grammy Performers After They Petitioned to Perform

After a successful petition, Anderson .PaakBruno Mars and their band Silk Sonic will be performing at the 2021 Grammy Awards. What should’ve been regarded as an outstanding achievement was met with mixed responses from fans on social media who felt the honor was delivered out of desperation. 

Last weekend, The Recording Academy shared the name of stars slated to perform at the annual event, including big names such as Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Roddy Ricch and several others. The announcement prompted Anderson to create the #LetSilkSonicThrive campaign to be added. At first, it appeared that Bruno wasn’t entirely on board, but after some pressure from Anderson and fans, he gave in. 

(L-R) Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images. Karwai Tang/Getty Images)

“Dear Grammys, if you can see it in your hearts to allow two out-of-work musicians to perform at your show, we would really appreciate it. We just released a song and could really use the promotion right now. We have a lot riding on this record (and the Pelicans game next week, but that’s another story),” Bruno wrote at the time. “We haven’t been able to perform for a while and we just want to sing. We’ll send in an audition tape and take as many covid tests as we need to. I promise we won’t be extra. We just really want a gig again.. I hope you’ll consider this request and give us the opportunity to shine, Love, Silk Sonic.”

Shortly afterward, Anderson and Bruno exchanged some less-than-kind-words to each other, which led many to believe that they had broken up before noticing that the Recording Academy had been trying to contact them with an offer. 

Since then, the two have put their brief feud behind them. Anderson reached out to Bruno, asking if he heard the news, to which he replied, “Maybe for one night we can put out differences aside and reunite.” He added, “Not as foes but as friends. ‘Silk Sonic’ on 3?”

While the two might have decided to let bygones be bygones, fans on social media were conflicted on how they should feel about the entire ordeal. Many people congratulated them. However, several others expressed that it was desperate of them to ask in the first place. 

One Twitter user wrote, “Bruno Mars looked so f-cking corny hopping on here begging for a Grammy performance.”

Another user commented, “he really begging to perform??? the Bruno Mars??”

There were also talks that their small argument was a PR stunt. “So did Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak stage that whole thing w. the Grammys? Becus they’re looking pretty desperate like crackheads begging to perform,” a third expressed.  I didn’t know top artists needed to do such a thing.. Atlantic. Figures.”

Despite others’ opinions, Anderson .Paak, Bruno Mars, and the Silk Sonic band will be at the Grammys slated to air live on Sunday, March 14 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. 

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