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‘That Impersonation Was Spot On’: ‘Snowfall’ Star Damson Idris Shares Why He Was Called Out By Jay-Z In a Zoom Meeting, Fans Obsess Over His Impersonation of Rapper

Since the start of the pandemic, the Zoom app has been the most common way companies and organizations have been able to have work meetings, gatherings, and events while abiding by the social distancing rules. But since the Zoom app was new to some people when work-from-home measures started, there were plenty of mishaps where people did not know how to turn the camera on or off and did not know how it worked.

On March 10, “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts got “Snowfall” star Damson Idris to talk about an embarrassing moment he had on Zoom with legendary rapper Jay-Z. He prefaced the story at 1:47 by saying, “So at the start of the pandemic, I didn’t know what Zoom was, I was a Skype guy.” He went on to share that a friend asked him to jump on Zoom to celebrate their friend Lenny’s birthday. When he logged on, he says, “immediately everyone’s laughing because I’m topless. I thought there was going to be four people in there, it’s literally 40 people in there.”

(L-R) Damson Idris and Jay-Z. Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage. Robert Kamau/GC Images

Idris went on to say Jay-Z was one of the 40 people in the Zoom and was the first to speak up. He said, “Aye man, this man on here topless and he got the gray headboard. Yo, who’s in charge of this Zoom? Yo, Shafer, you in charge of the Zoom. Yeah, you see that guy Damson? Kick him out.”

Damson said he starts covering his nipples and scrolled to see “Meek Mill, Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish” and more. As he continued to scroll he realized the person that called him out was Jay-Z. At this point Idris decided to “charm” his way out of the situation and said, “Hey, guys it’s late in London. Let me just get on a hoodie, I’m going to bed.”

Putting his Jay-Z voice back on, Idris said the “99 Problems” rapper said, “OK, so you wear a hoodie to bed. OK, well, you know, you busy. Like you said, you in London, so obviously it’s Lenny’s birthday, so why don’t you just give your little speech and be on your way.” Idris smiling told Roberts that at that point of the video call he was “so angry” and logged off the Zoom.

Fans were impressed with how the British actor mastered his impersonation of Jay-Z. One fan said, “WOW that impersonation was spot on, 😱😂” someone else wrote, “It’s the talent for me …the voice switch was toooo effortless 😮😮😍👏🏾.”

Comedian and actor Lil Rel Howery, who seemed to have been in the meeting, co-signed Idris’ story, writing, “This 100% a true story but Jay roasted all of us lol.” Lenny S., who might have been the guy whose birthday it was that day, and Kelly Rowland’s husband, Tim Weatherspoon, both responded to Howery’s comment, alluding that they were in the meeting as well. Lenny wrote, “@comedianlilrel funniest sh-t ever. Cc: @timspoon lolll,” and Weatherspoon said, “@kodaklens superfacts!!!!!! @comedianlilrel.”

Watch the video here.

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