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‘The Sass!’: Gabrielle Union Strikes a Pose with the ‘Badass Women’ of Her Family But Kaavia Steals the Show

Gabrielle Union celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 by sharing an image of some of the important women in her life, including her ever-expressive daughter Kaavia James, who once again stole the show with her innocent shade.

The “Being Mary Jane” actress acknowledged the global holiday by posting an image of herself sitting in front of her mother, Theresa Union, and her sister Tracy Union, as little Kaavia sat next to her looking like she was ready to go. “3 Generations of Badass Women 🖤 Also known as 3 Scorpios and a Taurus (my Mom) #InternationalWomensDay,” she captioned her photo, which received over 202,700 likes.

(Front): Gabrielle Union, and Kaavia Wade; (Back row): Tracy Union, Theresa Union Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

Union’s husband, retired NBA baller Dwyane Wade, shared his appreciation for the “badass women” by showing them some love in the comments section, writing, “Love each and every one of y’all.”

The “L.A.’s Finest” actress contributes her open-hearted approach to family to the compassionate upbringing that her parents provided her and her siblings while growing up. “We embody the whole ‘it takes a village’ mentality,” she told VH1 during their “Dear Mama” Mother’s Day special in 2018. “So there was no such thing as ‘foster care’ per se, or ‘this child is adopted’ or whatever. They’re just family. Family can be, you know, people who are blood-related to you, who married in, who just live down the street, so I grew up with that concept of family is what you make it and also it’s very far-reaching. You take care of people who need to be taken care of.”

That mentality has gone so far as to help her navigate the waters of being a stepmother to Wade’s children. “Being a stepparent, I just try to remember that there is a space and a place for everyone,” she continued, “but also to respect the fact that they do have parents and to find your way and to find your space in an unobtrusive, organic way and I’ve found that way.”

Although there was plenty of love in the image, fans cracked up at Kaavia’s straight face, which appeared to say she was over the photo session.

“Kaavia’s face is saying she wants 365 International Womens Days.”

“Baby girl be in her own little world ❤️❤️😹 I love it”

“Why is Kaavia literally always a mood”

“Lmao Kaavia look fed tf up. I love ha 😂😂😂”

“Haha this explains the sass!!!”

The actress has another sister, Kelly Union, who was not pictured.

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