Eddie Murphy vs. Kevin Hart: Fans Are Split on Which Comedian Has the Better Filmography

Social media was ablaze the weekend of March 6 to 7 as comedy fans found themselves debating who has the better film career between Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart. The hot topic was ignited just as audiences around the world watched the long-awaited sequel to “Coming to America.”

Both men have paved their own paths in the world of comedy, and seen great success from their efforts. But comedy fans repeatedly asked one question, “What film does Kevin Hart have that is better than ‘Shrek’, ‘The Nutty Professor’ or ‘Beverly Hills Cop?’ “

Eddie Murphy and Kevin Hart attend Kevin Hart’s “Laugh At My Pain” Los Angeles Premiere at the Pacific Design Center on September 7, 2011 in West Hollywood, California. Photo: Maury Philips/ Getty Images

“Kevin Hart got 1 movie that really made me laugh and that was 40 year old virgin. Which wasn’t even his movie. Don’t disrespect Eddie again,” wrote one person.

“Eddie Murphy as Mushu and Donkey beats everything Kevin Hart has ever done,” commented another.

“The 48 hours and Beverly Hills Cop series alone are better than Kevin Hart’s entire career.”

While there is nearly a 20-year age gap between both men, Hart has already appeared in just under 50 films, which is not far behind Murphy. Audiences have seen Murphy grow from being a “Saturday Night Live” cast alum, taking on the role of a detective, portraying the entire Klumps family in “The Nutty Professor” and its sequel, Donkey from “Shrek”, and multi-talented comedian Dolemite in “Dolemite is My Name.”

In several of his films, including “Think Like a Man,” “The 40-Year Old Virgin” Hart has played the role of the funny sidekick among friends or the ring leader of shenanigans, as with his role in “Night School.” At least one person taking notice of Hart’s roles argued that Hollywood looks to the comedian to portray the same role time after time.  

“Kevin Hart is typecast”


Even with the immense support shown to Murphy’s work throughout the debate, there were people who sided with Hart.

“Idk tho unfortunately I feel like Kevin hart is household name.”

“Dawg lowkey Kevin hart does have better movies,” one person boldly commented. 

“kevin hart in paper soldiers alone is funnier than anything i done ever seen eddie murphy in,” wrote another.

The argument that Hart has yet to create or star in a comedic iconic film may be valid for most. However, on the big stage, Hart has already surpassed Murphy with his 2013 “Laugh At My Pain” comedy tour. Hart sold more than $15 million worth of tickets for two back-to-back days of stand-up, breaking Murphy’s previous record of $1.1 million for the same feat.

While the debate ultimately leaves fans split on which comedian has the better filmography, it was clear that some equated that pitting Murphy against Hart is akin to comparing apples and oranges.

“Kevin Hart ain’t in the same weight class as Eddie. Stand up or on the big screen.”

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