‘F–k Them Haters’: Fans Rally Behind ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Charmaine Bey After She Expresses Hesitation Over Posting Sexy Photos

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Charmaine Bey is not letting fear and the opinions of others stop her from celebrating her figure.

On Tuesday, March 2, the reality star uploaded two very seductive photos of herself showing off her curvy body. The 30-year-old was spotted wearing a floral teddy from singer Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie collection. 

The pictures appeared to be from a recent photo shoot for the brand. Still, despite posing for the photos, which were seemingly part of her obligations as a brand ambassador, Charmaine admitted that she was a bit reluctant to share the snaps on her social media page. “I was nervous posting these bc I’m still working in my post mom body,” she explained. “But I’m not going to let the haters stop me in 2021 🎉.”

Charmaine Bey Photo @charmainebey/Instagram

Fans were quick to remind the star that she shouldn’t allow anyone’s comments to affect her, including one user who wrote, ” F-ck the haters!! I’m a mom too and I’m not afraid to show my body at all and you shouldn’t either.” That person added,” I support this %100 👏🙌❤️.” Another person commented, “You better NOT let any of these hating lil girls stop you!! I love your MomBod‼️‼️ Keep going!! You look GOODT😍😍😍😍😍.”

Others applauded Charmaine’s efforts for trying to achieve her pre-pregnancy weight as opposed to go under the knife for a quick fix. A third person expressed, “thank you 👏🏾. I appreciate it because I’m working on mine too and it has been rough.”

“I’m glad you didn’t run out and get a “mommy makeover” then post pics of you working out like others. We know it takes a lot of hard work and especially with a pandemic I love to see the true journey. 😍”

A fourth person shared her journey as well, writing, “f-ck them haters I’m soo happy you didn’t just go the easy route and get plastic surgery. Nothing against it but I’m pregnant now and it’s nice to know real bodies exist and I don’t have to do too much to still be beautiful after my baby 🥰❤️.”

Last year, the reality star revealed that her New Year’s resolution would be to focus on continuing her weight loss and it appears she is doing just that. 

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