Congrats!: ‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Phor Confirms He and His Girlfriend Are Expecting After His Previous Hints

The rumors are true! “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Phor Brumfield and his girlfriend Nina Austin are indeed expecting their first child together after his allusion to it last month with a mysterious Instagram photo shoot.

During an appearance on the Instagram talk show “Singles on Instagram Live” with host Kendra G., the reality star confirmed the news that the pair were expecting. When Kendra initially asked if the stories fans were hearing were true, Phor responded by saying, “Uhhh, I can show you better than I can tell you,” before reaching over to rub Nina’s growing belly. The aspiring singer had been lying next to him in bed during the interview.

Phor Brumfield
Phor Brumfield and his girlfriend Nina Austin. (Photo: @phoreverim/Instagram)

At the time of the filming, Phor and Nina had also recently held their gender reveal party. The tattoo artist’s pink hoodie led host Kendra to believe that the couple was having a girl until Phor announced that while he wanted a baby girl, they would be welcoming a boy sometime at the end of June or early July. Kendra wished the couple “nothing but pure joy!!” before signing off. 

As previously reported, news began to circulate that Nina was pregnant after Phor shared a photo of the couple and in the caption wrote, “MY BABY MOMMA HARDER THAN ALOT OF YOU N-GGAZ!!! NAW FRFR 💯 🩸🤞🏾❤️ #N9.” In the snap, Phor appeared shirtless. However, Nina wore a sheer red lingerie set. Her hand slightly covered her belly, but it was still visible enough that fans could see that her midriff was significantly more prominent than usual. 

Nina Austin, Phor Brumfield. @phoreverim/Instagram

Although friends and fans flooded the comment section with congratulatory remarks, Phor didn’t clarify whether the pregnancy rumors were true. After several post uploads later, the aspiring rapper shared clips from his gender reveal party and even an adorable video of him kissing and rapping to Nina’s belly. 

“Wow…I’m about to be a DADDY DADDY!!! it’s lit lil “P” on the way 👼🏾… ( he go be a wilddddd boy)lol family is everything ❤️🩸,” Phor captioned the gender reveal clip. He added, “p.s im going phor my little Girl next round 💯.”

The reality star also shared a heartfelt message to his girlfriend, saying “I was there for you as much as I could be when you lost your brother watching you hurt & suffer tryna heal thru the process as much as you could it only made you stronger.”

He added, “now look we have a son on the way I feel like inna way this is him coming back into your life god works in mysterious ways big blessings i can tell your really happy @ninaxustin❤️ 💫 #4P #N9.” While their relationship’s exact timeline is unclear, Phor and Nina went Instagram official in October 2020.

Phor Brumfield and Nina Austin. @phoreverim/Instagram

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