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‘Did U Finally Let Gotti Slide Through and Wife U’: Angela Simmons’ Fans Ask If She’s Dating Her Admirer Yo Gotti After She Shared This Pic

Angela Simmons’ latest upload on Feb. 26 had fans assuming that the reality star gave her admirer rapper Yo Gotti a chance after she was spotted standing next to her newly customized turquoise Range Rover. Simmons captioned her post in honor of her “Tiffany & Co.” inspired vehicle, “Hardly home but always reppin’🗽.”

She also tagged the company, No Limit Auto Body Paramus, that did the car bodywork. No Limit Auto Body Paramus in New Jersey reposted the image on their Instagram page and confirmed that Simmons did indeed own the vehicle by responding to a fan who assumed it was a rental. They said, “”hey….This is in fact @angelasimmons personal vehicle. This is no rental…we don’t rent out cars at all…we just customize and repair collisions.”

Angela Simmons (left) and Yo Gotti (right). (Photos: @angelasimmons/Instagram, @yogotti/Instagram)

The color turquoise is significant to the “Rack It Up” rapper because he spent about $1.3 million to customized his cars — a Rolls-Royce truck, Ferrari F8, and Lamborghini — to that color for his birthday last year. Although it’s unclear if the reality star is dating Yo Gotti, that didn’t stop fans from speculating that the pair were an item.

“That Yo Gotti Tiffany Blue 💎💎💎.”

“Yo Gotti😮.”

“Looking at the color of the Rover I figured I’d see @yogotti in the pic.”

“Had to come to the page myself. Girl what are u tryna say. Did you finally let gotti slide through and wife u.”

One even suggested that the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star give the rapper a shot. “Gon ahead and give yo gotti a chance and stop playin lol. is this how subliminal y’all women is lol.”

Angela Simmons’ customized turquoise car color had fans assuming the star gave her crush, rapper Yo Gotti a chance after years of expressing his love. @angelasimmons/Instagram

The Memphis native first expressed his love for the mother of one in his 2015 hit song “Down in the DM,” where the emcee was quoted saying, “And I just follow Angela (Simmons)…Boy, I got a crush on Angela (Simmons).” Yo Gotti didn’t stop there. Within the same year, he mentioned Simmons’ name again in another song called “Save it for Me,” featuring Chris Brown.

He said while mentioning the reality star’s ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson: “Passed my number to Angela. I thought I had her…Her n–a cuffed her, married, it made me madder. I respect it, I’m moving on, but the truth is I want her badder.”

Although his crush on Simmons has been apparent, the 33-year-old has never publicly responded to his pursuit.

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