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Lionel Richie Photo Goes Viral After Fans Find Out His Boo Supposedly Is 40 Years Younger Than Him

Lionel Richie is off the market. The famed singer and songwriter went viral on Twitter over the weekend after it was revealed that not only does he have a girlfriend, but she is much younger than him. 

Richie’s name began trending on Twitter after fans shared and retweeted that the 71-year-old is dating a woman named Lisa Parigi that they are claiming is 30 years old, a tweet that included a photo of the two hugging. Stunned fans shared the news, with some people jokingly encouraging others not to give up on love. 

Photo that went viral of Lionel Richie and his girlfriend Lisa Parigi. (Photo: @fbavoices/Twitter)

One fan said, “Lionel Richie inspires me to never give up on love, that I can find true love from granddaughter’s friend.”

Another person tweeted, “Whaatttt!!! Lionel Richie with his new Bae, he’s 71 and she’s 30, yaani Lionel was 40 when this beautiful woman 

Someone else wrote, “#LionelRichie got him a young tender one! So what if he friends with her grandparents, Love is in the air.”

It is not quite clear why someone randomly decided to discuss the Grammy-winning artist’s love life, nor is it clear why people think this relationship is new. Apparently, the two have been together for a few years now, and he has even spoken about her in previous interviews. Parigi is the founder of a candle collection called “The Estate Collection.” She is of Swiss, Chinese, and Caribbean descent and can speak four languages. No one knows how old she is exactly but several reports have claimed she is in her 30s.

Lionel Richie and his girlfriend Lisa Parigi (Photo: @lisaparigi/Instagram)

Richie spoke about his relationship with Parigi to The Mirror in 2016 and admitted that he was open to “the idea of children.” In 2019 he gushed about his longtime girlfriend, saying, “She’s extremely beautiful, but most importantly she’s smart and helps me deal with my crazy world.” He added, “At this time in my life when you can be so jaded about things, Lisa kind of makes everything feel a bit safe.”

Richie has been married twice, to Brenda Harvey and Diane Alexander. From those previous relationships he has three children, Nicole Richie — whom he and Brenda adopted — Miles Richie and Sofia Richie. 

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