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‘All I See Is Tahj’: Tia Mowry Shares Throwback Photo and Fans Say She Looks Like Her Younger Brother

The reaction to Tia Mowry’s throwback pic on Feb. 19 took a turn after fans noticed how strongly the “Family Reunion” star resembled her younger brother Tahj Mowry. The pair, alongside their other siblings, have a relatively close relationship, often posting images of each other on their respective Instagram pages.

The actress, who rocked her signature smile with a side ponytail, a striped shirt and black coveralls, was eight years old when the initial pic was taken in Hawaii. The mother of two raved over her hairstyle while admiring the old snapshot. She said, “#fbf I was #eight years old! Y’all! It’s the side ponytail for me. #hawaii🌊.” Many fans overlooked the reminiscent moment and focused on expressing how they saw Tahj’s face in the photo.

Tia Mowry with her brother Tahj Photo:@tiamowry

“I totally see the resemblance between you and Tahj here! Aww! 😍😍❤️.”

“All I see is Tahj 😩.”

“All I see is smart guy with a ponytail 😂 you look just like @tahj_mowry here.”

“Awwwnn!! Looking just like Tahj here too.”

“It’s like looking at Tahj in his yonder years with a ponytail to the side. 😊💙.”

Tia Mowry’s fans tell the actress she favors her younger brother Tahj Mowry in a throwback photo. Photo:@tiamowry/Instagram

Last year, during an interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Tia talked about the negative toll the global pandemic has had on her relationship with her family, including twin sister Tamera Mowry and two younger brothers Tahj Mowry and Tavior Mowry. 

Although she said it’s been hard on everyone because of how extremely close they are, they try to find ways to stay connected. “That, to be honest with you, has been the hardest part. Of course, I get to see my family, my husband, and my children, but not being able to see my dad, my brothers and my sister has been pretty hard because we’re all very close.” One of the ways the family stays connected is through FaceTime.

“The Game” actress elaborated on the topics they could be talking about, ranging from food to mental health. “It’s crazy how we’re getting excited about the simple things, like, ‘Look what I made for dinner!’ you know. I’m constantly checking up on [my brothers’] well-being, like, ‘How are you doing emotionally?’ Especially with my dad and my mom because they’re older.”

She added, “It’s just so important to just stay inside, you know what I mean. It’s safer at home and staying at home saves lives, but I’m able to talk to my mom and my dad on FaceTime. We talk almost everyday, my sister as well. We’ve been texting each other. She’s doing well with her kids but I believe that’s been the hardest, not being able to see your loved ones. But we’re gonna get through this.”

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