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‘A Whole Meal’: Alexis Skyy Oils Up Her Body In Preparation for the Miami Sun, Fans Are Melting Over Her Beautiful Pics

Alexis Skyy is on vacation again and showing off her brick house built body, and like The Commodores sang in their hit “Brick House,” she’s “just letting it all hang out.”

In her Sunday, Feb. 21 Instagram photo, she is near a beach in Miami soaking up all the sun on her oily skin. While still rocking her new short blond hairstyle, she wore a two-piece black-and-white Fendi bathing suit set. Next to her sat an orange Birkin bag as she looked away from the camera through her light-colored shades.

Alexis Skyy (Photo: @alexisskyy_)

According to her page, Skyy was in Miami residing at the Mondrian South Beach hotel. Letting the picture do most of the talking she simply captioned the photo, “Miami Miami ✨.”

Many fans commented on the mother of one’s smoking hot body. One person said, “It’s the body for me🤤.” Someone else wrote, “I can eat a whole meal off yo thigh. ☺️.”

One guy was attempting to see if he could get Skyy to show off her backside. He said, “Lay on your stomach I’m trying to see some 😂😂😮.”

She also got some compliments on her hairstyle, with one person writing, “This hair makes you look classy and high end….. Rock This!!!!!

Skyy was recently on IG Live talking to her fans about her current relationship and how she is no longer interested in dating Black men. Her current boyfriend, Lil G, whose real name is Jose Rodriguez, is a custom jewelry maker, and it is unclear how long they have been dating, but it seems like things are going well in their relationship.

In the video at 1:26, someone asked her if a person was her boyfriend and the 26-year-old responded, “Yea that is my boyfriend.” She followed up with the statement, “I don’t date Black guys anymore. That sounded so bad, like I don’t date Black guys anymore. I wanted to be with a foreigner.”

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