‘We Locked In’: Alexis Skyy Claps Back at Women Trying to Ruin Her Valentine’s Day By DMing Her Man Her Dirty Secrets

Alexis Skyy has been keeping her lips sealed about who her new man is, and keeping her relationship off social media seemingly has been going well for her. The two have traveled out of the country together; and he really showed out for her on Valentine’s Day, gifting her with a diamond chain and a nicely decorated room.

But it looks like, although she has tried keeping their relationship on the hush, some internet stalkers have managed to find out who he is. Apparently, some of Skyy’s haters tried directly messaging her man to air out some of Skyy’s past dirty secrets. She didn’t exactly state what those people said, but she did let them know that they can’t come between her and her man.

Alexis Skyy Photo: @alexisskyy/Instagram

On her Instagram Story, she said, “hating a– h–s trying to message my n—a and ruin my Valentine’s Day. It aint happening poo it’s not happening. We locked in, and that’s on mary had a little lamb. So y’all h–s can tell him whatever y’all want to tell him but y’all can’t tell him s–t he don’t know about me. And that’s on period, and I said what I said. Right baby?”

Suddenly, a deeper voice comes from the background; it is not clear what the voice is saying, but it is assumed that it was her mystery man.

More of Skyy’s haters commented on the video, saying her relationship would not last. One person wrote, “Girl! In 45 days you will be single! Enjoy the next 6 weeks and chill,” with someone else saying “He locked in for 3 months.”

Others believed the mother of one shouldn’t have even addressed the situation and instead should have left it alone to show how unbothered she truly is. One said, “I wouldn’t take the time to address the DM, giving attention to the situation clearly shows their was some sort of impact.”

Skyy has been famously linked to rappers Fetty Wap, Trouble and King Lil G in the past.

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