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‘I Gave Him a Piece of My Mind’: Erica Mena Says She Didn’t Go Easy on Her Husband, Safaree Samuels, Over His Criticism of Women Who Post Revealing Photos

Erica Mena is not one to be played with and is not afraid to clap back at anyone, including her husband, Safaree Samuels. On Sunday, Feb. 7, Samuels wrote these words in a controversial tweet: “New millennium is crazy now. Back in the day, you had to close your eyes and imagine what a girl you liked looked like naked. Now almost every girl is naked just cuz. I gotta make sure my daughter is different! She needs me.”

But fans were very confused at why Samuels would even say such a thing, seeing as though he is married to a former video vixen and a beautiful reality TV star who is not afraid to express her sexuality on the internet. Fans wanted to know what Mena thought of her husband’s comments, and it looks like they have gotten their wish.

Erica Mena (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram)

On Tuesday, Feb. 9, she uploaded two personal photos on Instagram that show her wearing a tan two-piece ‘fit. The outfit consisted of tan pants and a long-sleeved tan jacket. Although the jacket had buttons on it, Mena did not bother fastening them, and instead let fans get a glimpse of her braless breasts.

Since this was merely two days after Samuels made his comment, of course, fans were going to ask Mena about it.

Erica Mena responds to fans in comments asking if Safaree Samuels saw her photo. (Photo: @iamerica_mena/Instagram)

One person asked, “Is this what Safaree meant when he said every woman start getting naked and he didn’t want his child growing up like that????😮😮😮😮😮😮😮.” The mother of two responded, “Honestly I don’t even think he knew what he meant.”

“Your husband saw this,” asked another fan, to which the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star responded, “Smh Girl the nerve of him. Oh trust I gave him a piece of my mind.”

It’s not clear if it was the backlash from fans or from his wife that made Samuels think twice about what he wrote, but he did end up deleting the post. Mena and Samuels tied the knot in October 2019, and they have one child together who just turned one on Feb. 3.

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