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‘That Look Is for You’: Yandy Smith-Harris Gives Off ‘Sexy Mad Mom’ Vibes After Posting Serious-Faced Photo

Yandy Smith-Harris has uploaded an Instagram photo letting her followers know she is not afraid to confront somebody about an issue and can look good while doing it.

Smith stands with one hand on her hip in the Feb. 5 photo as she rocks olive green pants and a mesh green top. Over that she is wearing a brown fur coat. Her hair is styled in a huge side ponytail.

Yandy Smith-Harris. (Photo: @yandysmith/Instagram)

“Don’t tell me what he or she said about me…tell me why they were so comfortable saying it to you. That look is for you,” she wrote.

One fan agreed with her statement, writing, “Yessss sis I say this all the time we don’t want know snakes or Judas in the camp❤️💯💯 Ps looking beautiful as always original boss lady and an inspiration 🔥🔥🔥.”

Someone else added, “@yandysmith she got that sexy auntie look going wit the sexy mad mom like yah child just did some dumb sh-t 😂❤️❤️.”

The artist manager was recently in headlines after having to clear up what she meant when it was reported that she said she would not manage Bronx rapper Cardi B.

Yandy Smith-Harris goes off about misleading headline. @yandysmith/Instagram

In an interview with Page Six, she said, “There’s no way I can be a manager to an artist like Cardi,” as she went on to explain she had to stop managing big artists like her former artist Missy Elliot after she became a “breast-feeding mom.” Smith later cleared the air after she felt the article made it seem like she was bashing her former “Love and Hip Hop” cast mate.

On her Instagram, she said, “I HATE WHEN THEY PUT HEADLINES LIKE THIS FOR Click BAIT!!! When I was asked do I wish Cardi was my artist for management What I said was she is so huge, she’s everywhere my life as a mom would be totally different.” She went on to say positive things about the “Press” rapper to prove that she was not trying to speak about her negatively, but instead was saying it would affect her motherhood.

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