‘You Can’t Disguise the Truth’: DJ Spinderella Calls Out Salt-N-Pepa for Downplaying Her Contributions to the Group’s Success

Former Salt-N-Pepa band member DJ Spinderella says not only have not-so old wounds been reopened by the group’s Lifetime biopic, but now insult is being added to injury.

Prior to the film’s January premiere, Deidre “Spinderella” Roper issued a statement saying that the rapping duo Sandra “Pepa” Denton and Cheryl “Salt” James, excluded her from the film’s development process. Now the DJ says she is yet again taking a dagger to the heart while watching the duo move forward with the retelling of history.

DJ Spinderellas says her former group members Salt and Pepa are rewriting history by excluding her from their success. (Photo: Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED/Youtube)

Spinderella, who has been estranged from her former group mates since 2019, told “Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED”: I was very upset, this played out in different ways for me. … I definitely had depression about it, bouts. I’ve had self-esteem issues, I had confidence issues.”

She further elaborated on the toll the tumultuous relationship she had with both Salt and Pepa had on her.

“Let me tell you what it does to you, it makes you feel less than a person, it makes you feel inferior, you have inferior complex, you have confidence issues, you have low self-esteem, never believing I was good enough.”

While Spinderella says she is “good” on not being involved in the film at this point, she is not OK with the ladies further excluding her from the group’s success. At the upcoming Grammys Salt-N-Pepa will be honored with a lifetime achievement award. The only issue is Spinderella is neither invited or recognized as a contributing member of the group.

Despite efforts to find common ground for their differences, Salt-N-Pepa say the lack of an agreeable compromise lead to DJ Spinderella (center, flanked by Cheryl “Salt” James at left and Sandra “Pepa” Denton on right) leaving the group in 2019. (Photo: @saltnpepaofficial/Instagram)

“We don’t have to be together [as a group] but we definitely should acknowledge the work that was put in, and this is on my back.The three of us did that,” she continued while stating that her influence is written throughout the group’s music since 1988.

“You can’t disguise the truth. You gonna tell the people I wasn’t there when I was? … History is being written right now and your’e OK with rewriting it to satisfy whatever your ego tells you that I did to hurt you. I don’t know what that is. There is no issue that should warrant that behavior.”

Fans who supported the group throughout the years are split on whose side to take. But for those who side with Spinderella, they believe she should tell her own story.

“Spinderella needs her own bio pic”

“She is genuinely hurt .. regardless .. how do you just diminish the role she played? and exclude her .. smh”

“I’m glad she spoke her truth. She deserves what she’s asking for. She was part of the group….PERIOD”

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