Keke Wyatt Catches Flak After Saying More Than Just Black People Were Oppressed, Argues Her Biracial Background Also Brought Along Feelings of Oppression

Outstanding vocalist Keke Wyatt has found herself on the receiving end of backlash and criticism following a heated conversation about the mistreatment and oppression of Black people.

While speaking during a live stream for the “Mahne Tea” show last week, Wyatt interrupted co-host Milan Christopher to loudly argue that Black people are not the only ones who have endured a tough plight in life.

Keke Wyatt is pictured with her mom, Lorna Wyatt, (far right), Robert “Roberto” Erness, and Kissie Lee (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

“And so have Mexicans and so have other people, honey. Black people are not the only ones that have gone through that,” Wyatt said as Christopher delved into Black people being the victims of segregation.

Wyatt only became more passionate in her argument when bringing up her own experiences as a biracial woman. Her mother, Lorna Wyatt, is white, and the singer’s father is Black.

“You have to understand Black people are not the only people that have been oppressed! They are not the only ones, my n—a! Jewish people have been oppressed, OK. I can keep going. I’m biracial! We f—ing oppressed, ’cause Black people done made us feel like sh–! White people make us feel like sh–! You don’t know that life!,” she continued.

The former “R&B Divas: Atlanta” cast member’s comments struck a nerve with commenters on social.

“Keke is wrong af”

“I get what she’s saying, but this wasn’t the time to compare oppressions.”

“That was rude af. Ma’am just because YOU are biracial and ‘claim’ to love everyone doesn’t mean he can’t state his truth and opinion.”

“Maybe all the pregnancy brain has caught up to her… wow,” wrote one person.

Some even suggested that Wyatt’s upbringing by a white mother may have influenced her viewpoint.

“That’s that ‘Karen’ side comin’ outta her”

“This must be her white side talking cause wtf!😩”

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