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‘Stop Watching! STOP Supporting Racism’: Nene Leakes Continues to Call for Bravo Boycott

It appears the apparent feud between Nene Leakes and Bravo and her pursuit to have fans boycott the network are still ongoing. 

The former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s Bravo résistance seemingly reignited late Tuesday evening on Jan. 26 when she shared a post saying “Discrimination, retaliation, blacklisting, devaluation, humiliation etc is REAL against BLACK WOMEN.”

NeNe Leakes Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram

A few days later, the actress uploaded another post, writing, “Stop Watching! STOP supporting racism.” She added, “Don’t use my eyes, USE YOUR OWN EYES! You can see it! Trust your gut first.”

On Thursday, Jan. 28, Nene woke up feeling seemingly the same way she felt days before when she wrote, “Good Morning tweetie pies! Word to the wise…Stop supporting & funding platforms that are racial and bias against black women.”

The 53-year-old told fans not to believe her but to “Believe YOUR eyes.”

Nene’s tweets came on the heels of claims that Bravo had mistreated several of their Black talents. The star accused the network of demoting Black women “who created shows, created genre, built franchise and built networks, while others were being promoted.” She then told fans to “TURN OFF YOUR TV’S” before asking them to sign a petition which put the network that hosted shows such as the “Housewives”  and “Married to Medicine” franchises on notice. 

The petition also held Bravo accountable for their alleged “dirty deeds, particularly as it relates to the unfair and biased treatment they have displayed towards their African American talent, more specifically NeNe Leakes and Mariah Huq.” 

Last month Nene met with respected civil rights lawyer Ben Crump during an Instagram Live session where she elaborated on her alleged unfair treatment and that of other Black talents by Bravo. Many critics have accused the star of being bitter throughout the whole ordeal because she didn’t have her own show. Nene denied those claims when talking to Crump, saying, “It’s not so much about me having my own show…When you work at any company, you want elevation. It’s about leveling up.” She added, “Whether I’m an actress or an executive, everybody wants to level up on their opportunity or their job… as an original Housewife, a lot of these girls were being elevated, I was being demoted.”

As of late, the reality star says she’s organizing a march outside of “racist studios” sometime this year. Bravo has yet to respond to Nene’s allegations. 

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