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‘That’s How You Do Yellow!’: Fans Think This Look Could Be One of Kandi Burruss’ Best Yet

Kandi Burruss came through looking like a beautiful, busty ray of light in a recent jaw-dropping, thumb-stopping Instagram post.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member looked confessional-ready in a cleavage-baring yellow dress, matching yellow earrings, a wavy ponytail with blond highlights, and a face beat to perfection.

Kandi Burruss serves Little Miss Sunshine energy. @kandi/Instagram

Burruss admitted she felt as fine on the inside as she looked, captioning her images, “I learned how to glow from the inside out! ☀️💛.”

The Xscape singer’s famous friends agreed that the bright color against her skin had her melanin poppin’. Singer Kelly Rowland was blown away, commenting “YESSSSSYELLOWWWWW!! Stunning!!” and Kandi’s fellow “RHOA” friends Cynthia Bailey, Shamea Morton, and Drew Sidora also dropped by the comments to gush over Kandi’s look.

“This is your color!💛💛💛,” exclaimed Cynthia Bailey, while Morton was focused on Burruss’ very prevalent chest writing, “😍Well hello sunny boobs👀.” The newest cast mate Drew Sidora also approved the look, commenting, “You look amazing☀️.”

The “Old Lady Gang” restaurant owner isn’t letting any of her “RHOA” drama keep her spirits down, instead choosing to address the mess head-on during her YouTube series “Speak On It.” In her Jan. 24 episode, Burruss spoke on the girls’ trip shown during the Sunday, Jan. 24th episode, when the ladies took a road trip to South Carolina, minus Kenya Moore, who opted to travel by air with her “new friend” LaToya Ali, instead of by bus with the rest of the cast.

Moore further annoyed her cast mates when they learned she brought along her 2-year-old daughter Brooklyn and her nanny when none of the other cast members were aware that bringing their children was an option.

Kandi explains that she wasn’t jealous of the jet situation, but would have at least liked an offer to have been extended by Kenya. “To be clear, I was not jealous about no private jets,” she stated, starting at 1:11. “Let it be understood because I’ve never even been on a damn private jet, and I definitely wasn’t about to be spending no extra money to get on a private jet to South Carolina. Was not even finna do it. Call me cheap if you want to. I don’t give a damn. I wasn’t finna do it. She could have at least let us know. Give us a heads-up. Tell somebody. Give us an option. Say something! But yet you decided that that was what you wanted to do with your new friend LaToya.”

Kandi’s fans overwhelmingly agreed that she brightened up their timelines with her stunning style.

“You look TF good!!”

“It’s the color tones against the melanin for me chile 😩🤎🤎🤎”

“And you let them out color on your nails🤣🤣👏👏👏💖 THIS IS FLAWLESS”

“That’s how you do yellow!”

“Now this is the LOOK😍”

Fans can keep up with Kandi and the rest of the Atlanta housewives during the current season of “RHOA,” airing Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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