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‘Disgusted’: Safaree Gets Slammed After Erica Mena Says He Told Her She Got ‘Too Big’ During Pregnancy

Since tying the knot, Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels have hit road blocks multiple times, and looks like they have just hit another one. In a clip of “Love and Hip Hop Unlocked,” Mena revealed the shocking reason why Safaree does not want more kids with her. 

After cast member Yung Joc revealed that Mena and Samuels were bickering because “somebody want to have more babies and somebody don’t.” The couple decided to share their issue with some of the other cast members. 

Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena (Photo: @safaree/Instagram)

Safaree began explaining that the mother of two feels that every time she looks at their almost 1-year-old daughter, Safire Majesty Samuels, she thinks about having another baby. 

Hastily wanting to expose the real issue, Mena interrupted her husband and said, “But tell them why you don’t want another one,” and added, “’cause I got ‘too big’ during my pregnancy.”

The other cast members reacted to the claim in dismay, while Safaree denied making the comments. Standing by her argument, Mena continued to interject, adding that her husband also told her “I got too big. … That’s what you said.” 

After a small interruption from Princess Love and Ray J discussing their issues, Mena continues, “And then not only that, he waits until after we get married to say that he don’t want more kids. You knew that I want more kids.”

Later on Safaree tried to rectify the matter by kissing Mena on the shoulder and calling her “perfect.” But Mena dismissed him, saying, “I’m so perfect you don’t want more kids with me.” 

“I would love to, just let someone else carry it,” he replied. 

“Love and Hip Hop” fans reacted to the scene by expressing their disappointment in Samuels’ comments.

“I expected more from you Safaree🤬🤬,” said one fan, while another added, “Safaree don’t be inconsiderate🤦‍♀️.”

One woman went in on Samuels, writing, “Wow… actually disgusted by safaree… I would feel tricked into a marriage if a man switched up wanting to have kids for that kind of trivial reason… we either having more kids IM having more kids elsewhere… IDC.”

Mena, 33, and Samuels, 39, said “I do” on Oct. 7, 2019. They have one child together, the daughter they welcomed in February of last year, and Mena has a teenage son named King Conde whom she shares with Raul Conde.

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