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‘Oh So Y’all Been Down Down’: Fans Hearts Melt After Tia Mowry Confirms the Big Question People Have Been Wanting to Know from a Resurfaced Meme

Tia Mowry is finally confirming what a lot of her fans have been wondering after a meme resurfaced on the internet a few days ago. On Saturday, Jan. 23, she uploaded an old picture of herself and her twin sister, Tamera Mowry, standing back to back taking a picture, but a close look to the left of the shot shows Tia’s now-husband, Cory Hardict, standing in the background looking somewhere else. 

By the looks of the photo, it seems that Hardict by happenstance stood in the perfect spot right by his future wife, which is why at the top of the meme it says, “I Wonder If She Knew Her Husband Was Behind Her The Whole Time!!” With no background story of the picture, fans assumed that it might have been a coincidence that Hardrict was standing there. But Mowry confirmed that it was no coincidence at all. 

Tia Mowry addresses resurfaced meme with her and her husband Corey Hardrict. (Photo: @tiamowry/Instagram)

Uploading the meme and the original picture, she wrote, “Okay guys so I saw this meme floating around on the internet. Today, I thought I’d answer the question:) Yes I did know he was behind me the whole time:) This was @coryhardrict and I first ever public appearance in 2000. We had just started dating 🙂 It was the Nutty Professor II Premiere. We had met in 1999 after #sistersister wrapped. 22 years has flown by! 💕”

Commenting on the photo, one fan wrote, “Oh so y’all been down DOWN ! 🤎 to see it,” while another said, “Awww how amazing 💕.”

Someone else joked, “He knew that was his wife. That’s the face of determination right there! 😂.”

Another person explained why it should have been obvious that the two were dating. She said, “Lmao Idk how people thought y’all didn’t know each other when y’all were clearly matching 😂❤️.” 

Tia and Hardrict met shortly after she wrapped her hit show “Sister, Sister.” Hardrict was working “odd jobs” at the time in Los Angeles. One day while he was waiting at a bus stop, Tia and Tamera were driving by and asked if he needed a ride, and according to him, “we were friends ever since.” 

Tia and Hardrict “courted” for about a year before even having their first kiss, then actually dated for six years. In 2006, they got engaged on Christmas Day, and in 2008 they got married. They now share two children, their son Cree, 9, and their 2-year-old daughter Cairo.

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