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JT Goes Off on Twitter User for Calling Her a ‘Scammer’ After She Tries Giving Women Some Advice

City Girls rapper JT is firing off on Twitter users that tried to come for her after she gave advice to women that may be dealing with a wealthy man.

On Jan. 18, on a tweet that is now deleted, she wrote, “Please don’t be a b—h saying you fw with a rich n—a & don’t got s–t! Not a car, not a watch, not a chain, not a nothing & y’all be very materialistic ion wanna hear y’all don’t care either. Let me see something that’s yours! Get that [bag].”

JT (Photo: @thegirljt/Instagram)

Soon afterward, she remembered that this was the “woke era” and that she “might offend yall,” but by then it was too late and people began snapping at JT about her comments.

To elaborate, she uploaded an almost two-minute-long audio clip telling women to stop bragging about the guy they are involved with and instead focus on getting “what yall can get” from the guy, such as a watch, a chain, etc before he plays you. She added that some women get so caught up in a man that by the time they look up he is gone, and the women have nothing to show for the relationship besides “memories, pictures, d–k.”

One person called the 28-year-old a “scammer” in reference to her past. In 2018, just as the City Girls was gaining fame, JT, born Jatavia Johnson, turned herself in to the authorities for fraudulent credit card charges. So when JT caught wind of this person’s comments, she took no time to clap back. She said, “When I was scamming I didn’t go get sh-t I knew I couldn’t afford or maintain THATS WHAT IM SAYING, next?” And added “who tf a scammer? B-tch I RAP!”

After getting off a few more tweets on the matter, she ended her rant with one reminder for her fans: “I make my own money I can talk how I want!”

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