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‘Let Me See You Stomp, Stomp, Stomp’: Angela Simmons’ ‘Walk’ Challenge Goes Left After She’s Critiqued for Being Too ‘Aggressive’ with Her Strut

Angela Simmons‘ “Walk” challenge performance was met with mixed reactions by fans on Jan. 17 after the “Growing Up Hip Hop” star uploaded a video putting her own spin on the TikTok phenomenon. The challenge involves a person strutting to the beat of Saucy Santana’s 2020 hit song “Walk.” 

The mother of one strode toward the camera while wearing an all-black outfit, including a feathered jacket, shorts, and high-heeled boots. Simmons captioned the post “Walk Walk Walk. LOL.” Some fans raved over the star’s moves, while others felt something was amiss because they deemed Simmons’ walk a bit awkward. 

Angela Simmons’ “Walk” challenge performance gets mixed reviews. @angelasimmons/Instagram

“Got that beyonce walk goin on lol😎.”

“Yesss! Ang did not come to play!”

“So aggressive with the walk.. but you still look good 🤗”

“Let me see you stomp stomp stomp stomp 🤣😂 i love you boo but you were definitely stomping.”

“Ummm I like you Angela but you walking a little too rough and fast 😂😂.”

One fan offered the reality star advice on how to improve the challenge. “Too much neck movements through your balance off now please do it again and look straight forward giving us face, legs, and fierce attitude with the curves.”

Angela Simmons. (Photo: @angelasimmons/Instagram)

Hours before the initial video, Simmons shared a series of photos showcasing her black ensemble in several would-be seductive poses, including one where the 33-year-old places a hand on one hip as she glares into the camera. Simmons, who apparently had money on her mind, captioned the upload “In my own bag ✨.”

Several fans practically worshipped the reality star’s new outfit, including one who wrote how God broke the mold with Simmons. “A 1 of Kind Original 😍😍 #godbrokethemoldwhenhemadeyou.”

Another said, “Ms. Simmons you #SupaBadd…. Keep killin em!”

“You are stunning as always.”

An Instagram user mentioned Simmons left them breathless. “I hope you know CPR, because you just took my breath away!”

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