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‘Upset I Didn’t Start Earlier’: Florida Nail Tech Grows Nail Business Online, Encourages Beauty Entrepreneurs to Do the Same

Practically on schedule almost every two weeks, and pre the COVID-19 pandemic, Cindy Guance of Miami, Florida, would spend hundreds of dollars at the nail salon. Guance said she decided to use that money to go back to school to become a certified nail technician. She opened She Nail’d It in July.

“I’ve always had this passion to do nails but just never did,” said Guance. “Investing in this was one of the best things I could have done.”

A full-time paralegal, Guance said she initially went to school to learn how to do her own nails but realized she could make extra money by opening her only private salon and offering services to others. She told Atlanta Black Star that business was slow starting out, and agreed it was risky to launch during the pandemic. But she shared that it has paid off. Not only has she opened her own private nail salon, she has also launched her own press-on nails line “She Nail’d It” for those who are afraid to come into the salon.

“Wish I had thought of it sooner,” said Guance of her press-on nails line. She said she has gained an additional 100 customers because of the product.

In Spring 2019, as Guance pointed out, nationwide COVID-19 lockdown orders forced countless nail salons and other nonessential businesses to close. As these companies reopened, many added a COVID-19 surcharge to their prices to offset the cost of sanitation and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Customer Krystal Jackson has experienced this firsthand. “Not only are they not social distancing [at my nail salon], they charge more. I started going to She Nail’d It for my services because it was safer and more affordable.”

When it comes to entrepreneurs in the service industry, Guance encourages them to get creative and expand their brands by offering a product so if another shutdown happens their businesses won’t take a long-term hit.

“Whether you own a brand or are buying from vendors to resell, sell a product,” said Guance. “The beauty industry is something that just isn’t going anywhere. Someone will always need your service so why not expand your brand,” she added.

Press-on nails, for example, she said cost about $35 a set and can be used over and over again.

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