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‘Black Pride Isn’t Racism’: Candace Owens Accuses Netflix and Uber Eats of Segregation for Highlighting Black Creators and Restaurants, Gets Dragged

In one of her latest tweets about racism in America, conservative provocateur Candace Owens has expressed her disdain about race issues again. This time she’s bashing companies for highlighting Black creators and restaurants. According to Owens, Netflix’s ‘Black Cinema” and Uber Eats’ “Black Restaurants” categories are simply segregation in disguise.

“Netflix now has a category for ‘black cinema’. Uber Eats now has a category for ‘black restaurants’. The Left has reintroduced segregation back into American society under the guise of progressivism— they used #BLM propaganda to anger black people to the point of blindness,” Owens tweeted on Jan. 2.

The tweet, which had over 111,000 likes at the time of publication, was followed by another which said, “Racist Democrats rebranded segregation as black empowerment, and ignorant fools fell for it.”

“Spoiler alert: they aren’t done yet. Keep believing evil white conservatives want to bring harm to you while the actual evil white racist progressives continue to destroy your life,” Owens concluded.

Twitter users didn’t hesitate to point out what they characterized as the fallacies in the arguments used by Owens and those who agreed with her.

“What’s so interesting everyone who agrees with Candace and sees the racism in Netflix recommendations more likely is someone who argues there’s no systemic racism Basically upliftment of black people is where your racism line is????lol,” responded user @KINGCOURTENT.

They also noted the categories were intended to offer exposure to businesses that may not otherwise receive it.

“Black pride isn’t racism. If you had any pride in being a part of the black community, you would know that. Just keep believing the white conservatives accept you!” added user @lolitamaeweathe.

“How are they ruining my life Candace? By telling me which movies have predominately black casts so my children can see themselves represented in film, or informing me of restaurants that have black cuisine. You have issues with italian, chinese and mexican restaurants?” asked user @knightlyfer.

Owens’ rants are nothing new. The “Blexit” founder and Black darling of the far right frequently criticizes African-Americans and organizations if they speak out on behalf of Black people. She persists in claiming racism doesn’t exist, but also frequently points out incidents she deems as reverse racism. She also proclaims that Black Lives Matter — an idea, not a group — is a terrorist organization.

Another Twitter user reminded Owens that systemic racism and lack of exposure are among the reasons Black categories were introduced in the first place.

“I disagree with you….. what is wrong with finally acknowledging and/or Highlighting restaurants music entertainment that has been over looked or kept hidden for far too long,” tweeted @mrblackout247. “And segregation implies the we(black people) have the power to control who distributes our media, most if not all of our products are still funneled through large corporations run by white American so for you to say we are willingly contributing to a new form of segregation is an insult to those companies and the artists and businesses who partner with them.”

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