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‘She Is So Huge’: Yandy Smith-Harris Explains Why She Couldn’t Manage Cardi B

Yandy SmithHarris has managed some of the rap industry’s most prominent artists, including Jim Jones, Missy Elliot, and several others. However, there is one huge act that the veteran manager is thankful not to have worked for. 

In an interview with Page Six, the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” star revealed that she wouldn’t be able to manage her former “LHH” co-star and now chart-topping rapper Cardi B. “There’s no way I can be a manager to an artist like Cardi,” the reality star expressed. “I was on tour with Missy Elliott up until I had my son in 2012. I was going on tour all the time, and when I had my baby, I was like, ‘OK, I can’t go on tour anymore.’ I was a breastfeeding mom. So a lot of my hopes and dreams in management had to come to a halt because I had to be a mommy to my babies.”

Yandy Smith-Harris (left) and Cardi B (right). (Photos: @yandysmith/Instagram, @cardib/Instagram)

Cardi hasn’t stopped going since she hit the music scene. Between tours, a plethora of collaborations, and other business ventures, the “WAP” MC and Grammy winner has a pretty hectic schedule — something that doesn’t appear to align with where Yandy is in her life at this moment. 

Yandy elaborated on her remarks on her Instagram page after the New York Post’s headline about the reality star’s comments appeared to suggest she was taking a dig at Cardi.

“I HATE WHEN THEY PUT HEADLINES LIKE THIS FOR Click BAIT!!! When I was asked do I wish Cardi was my artist for management What I said was she is so huge, she’s everywhere my life as a mom would be totally different,” Yandy captioned a screengrab of an article on the topic.

The reality star aired her frustration over outlets seemingly always pitting female public figures against each other. She later went on to praise the Bronx native, stating, “One thing I love most is she’s also an activist and uses her platform to fight for justice.” She added, “I’d never ever say anything against a women that has achieved and done the things she has and still fights for equality!!” 

Fans praised Yandy for taking responsibility to clarify her comments, including one user who wrote, “Thank God you cleared the air because I was surely thinking yandy do not want that smoke😂 she all ready beat Nicki up😩😂💕.” Another person added, “Ion even know why they tried you🤷🏾‍♀️ you always been positive especially when it comes to women empowerment ❤️.”

“Always ready to pin women against each other smh but we know how great and empowering you are Queen 🙌🏾❤️,” a third expressed. 

Nonetheless, Yandy said if she did have to opportunity to manage the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, she’d put her in a musical. “You know what she’d be great in? ‘Little Shop of Horrors,'” she told Page Six. She added, “She would be a great Audrey. The first thing on my agenda for her I would definitely get her on Broadway.”

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