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‘Cmon Baby You Can’t Dance Just Stop’: Alexis Skyy’s Fans Shade the Star’s Offbeat Dance Moves After She Shares a New Video

Alexis Skyys “Whoopty” dance challenge recording went awry on Dec. 25 after the “Love & Hip Hop” star’s fans bashed Skyy for her offbeat moves.

The reality star, who exhaled smoke at the beginning of the video, attempted the challenge in her kitchen by adding gun hand gestures and occasional cha-cha dances that were quoted in the song. Skyy appeared to be having fun when she captioned the upload with two rolling on the floor laughing emojis.

“Whoopty” by CJ, which was released this summer, gained popularity after the song went viral on TikTok. Bearded Jay, a TikToker, created the challenge by gesturing certain parts of the lyrics at a reduced speed, including smoking weed, gun motions, and their version of a cha-cha.

Many fans criticized Skyy for what they said was her lack of rhythm.

“Cmon baby you can’t dance just stop you look cute tho.”

“It’s a NO for me dog🧐😂.”

“Alexis you upped the Choppa🔫 too late 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.”

“It’s the fact that you don’t be thinking you look stupid as hell for me 😭😭😂😂.”

“How you Jamaican with noo rhythm.”

Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy/Instagram

Despite the scrutiny, other followers contended the backlash toward Skyy was unnecessary. One said people’s opinions didn’t matter because the “LHH” alum will do whatever she wants.

“The amount of hate in these comments y’all do realize she can do what she wants.”

Another encouraged Skyy to ignore the trolls and enjoy her holiday.”Happy Holidays love, U ain’t got time for haterz. U got for URself N family, friends, team, fans that’s who U got time 4 just stay lit gurl U got it.”

Skyy began celebrating the Christmas holiday a little early when she revealed her family was expanding after uploading a video of her daughter Alaiya Grace meeting their dog Brix for the first time. The 27-year-old captioned the post, “Merry Christmas @amazinglaylay thank you so much @french_poochie meet BRIX.” 

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