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Video Released of NBA Player Rajon Rondo and His Girlfriend In Scuffle That Resulted In $1M Lawsuit Against Them

A video of NBA star Rajon Rondo and his longtime girlfriend Ashley Bachelor getting into an altercation with a woman in a Los Angeles apartment complex parking lot has just been released.

The clip gives new insight to the public about the July 28 incident.

The fight might cost Rondo and Bachelor a hefty sum, as the plaintiff, Toktam Jorshari is suing the couple for $1 million for assault and battery, infliction of emotional distress, and conspiracy, per TMZ.

The newly released video shows Bachelor and Jorshari arguing and getting close to each other. Rondo, who played for the Los Angles Lakers last season before signing with the Atlanta Hawks last month, then stepped in and pushed Jorshari away before trying to get his girlfriend to back up.

The two women found each other up close once more and Rondo appeared to signal for them to fight with a motion similar to that MMA referees use. 

Rondo’s girlfriend landed several punches on the plaintiff’s head. 

The fight was reportedly all because Jorshari was parked too close to the NBA star’s Rolls-Royce SUV and the couple asked her to move. The plaintiff alleged in the lawsuit that the couple was parked in a handicap spot.

The release of the video sparked numerous reactions with many creating memes because of the way Rondo stepped out of the way as the two women fought.

“Rondo funny as hell for this 😂 he even did da little thing refs do before fights start 😂🤣🤣,” one person on Twitter wrote.

“Rondo trying to break this up for a second then letting them go is genuinely one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen #FreeRondo,” another person wrote.

Jorshari’s lawyers released a statement including basketball references that said, “In the NBA, unnecessary and excessive contact is considered a Flagrant 2 foul, which can result in a fine, ejection and possible suspension of a player.”

“Outside the NBA such conduct is considered an assault and battery. No man should ever put their hands on a woman, ESPECIALLY an NBA basketball player with superior height, and strength. The video speaks for itself,” the plaintiff’s lawyers added.

Rondo’s lawyer also released a statement to TMZ.

“The plaintiff chose to park her car two inches from Mr. Rondo’s door, and the plaintiff was not in an assigned parking spot,” the four-time NBA All-Star’s counsel said. 

They continued, “The plaintiff refused to wear a mask during a short 30 second encounter, and also refused to move her car.” 

“The plaintiff and Mr. Rondo’s girlfriend had an unpleasant encounter that lasted roughly 10 seconds, and Mr. Rondo tried to prevent them from any further interaction, which was awkward due to (a) his thumb being broken, and (b) the plaintiff not wearing a mask,” the statement concluded, adding that they plan to fight the case.

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