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Wack 100 Involved In Parking Lot Fight After Allegedly Being Called a Racial Slur By Two White Men, Calls Out IG for Deleting Video

West Coast rap manager Wack 100 found himself in a two-on-one brawl this past weekend with two white men after allegedly being called a racial slur, TMZ was first to report. 

Wack, whose real name is George Taylor III, was at a Primo Burgers in Lancaster, California, on Saturday, Dec. 19, when two men were “burning rubber” behind the 45-year-old in the drive-thru. Wack said he asked the two to stop spinning their tires, lest they lose control of their vehicle and hit him. They instead told him to “mind your f-cking business, [epithet],” Wack claims.

Wack 100 had no problem holding his own against two white men in a parking lot confrontation on Dec. 19. (Photo: @wack100/Instagram)

Soon afterward, the two men got out of their car and approached the manager, who responded by getting out of his own car. The two men squared off against Wack, who landed at least one blow on the bigger man that knocked him to the ground and left him bleeding while his friend continued pawing at Wack.

In a video clip of the fight, which has since made its way around social media, although the reported slur is never heard in the video, both white men are shown approaching Wack and swinging. After the Compton native laid out one of his opponents no other blows appear to land before the fisticuffs end when more people begin gathering around the scene. The second man told whoever was filming to capture Wack’s license plate — a move the hip-hop manager encouraged. 

The half brother of rapper The Game appears to be OK after his altercation. He spoke about the confrontation with TMZ, saying, “It’s fine.” However, he later shared a post on Instagram, calling out the platform for what he called a double standard for violent content. 

Wack attempted to share the clip of the altercation, which later was deleted by Instagram because it went against “Community Guidelines on bullying or harassment.” Wack shared a screenshot of the violation notice with the caption, “So I get attacked and I get bullied & harassed.” He added, “@instagram when a black man is being killed or choked out it stays but when a black man is being attacked and wins it’s against your rules. Black on Black post stays guess that’s cool right.”

Several of Wack’s fans commented on the post as they too pointed out the hypocrisy, including one user who wrote, “Wow who was bulling who 😂😂 they ran up 🥶 but they will post a cop killing a brother 🤔.” Another person commented, “Yup that’s y I ain’t post it I already knew IG would take it down 🤦🏽‍♂️.”

“It’s waves G, you hit it right on the nail. They know that sh-t inspiring our people to not take no sh-t and fight back. They can’t f-ck wit us, physically,” a third expressed. 

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