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‘He Needs to Practice “DaDa” More’: Ciara and Russell Wilson Joke In the Comments After She Reveals Their Infant Son’s First Words

It looks like Ciara and Russell Wilson may have some family competition going on regarding their son Win and his first words. On Dec. 10, Ciara posted an Instagram video of Win sitting on her lap as she encourages him to say “mama.”

Throughout the 90-second video, the 5-month-old is wriggling, smiling, cooing, and attempting to say mama while Ciara talks to him and cheers him on.


She captioned the sweet video, “A Momma loves when her baby says MA MA the 1st time:) Haha Da Da @DangeRussWilson 😝🤣🥰.”

After watching the video himself, Ciara’s hubby had something to say. He wrote, “Hahaha he needs to practice ‘DaDa’ more.”

The 35-year-old jokingly responded to her husband. “Haha 🙂 Ok now Win, now that you have Ma Ma down, we can work on Da Da #HowMamasBe.”

As they have done many times before, fans talked about how much Win resembles his father.

One person said, “He might have said ‘mama’ but his looks are all ‘dada.’”

Other fans joked about their own experiences they had with getting their children to talk.

“They never say it when you record them lol they know 😩 my son use to do it all the time. Lol but I heard him..,” said one fan.

Someone else wrote, “My 3 month old said mama last week. I was shocked. These babies are starting to talk earlier and earlier.”

Win has been capturing the hearts of many Ciara and Russell Wilson fans since his birth on July 23. Win is Ciara’s third child and Wilson’s second. Together they share their 3-year-old daughter Sienna Wilson, while Ciara’s oldest child, 6-year-old Future Wilburn, is from her previous relationship with rapper Future. The famous couple have been married for over four years and seem to be more in love with each other every time fans are given a glimpse of them.

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