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‘You Haven’t Aged!!’: Kerry Washington Shares Age-Defying Throwback Picture from College

Actress Kerry Washington has hardly aged since college.

The “Scandal” star shared a throwback picture on Instagram on Tuesday, Dec. 8 from her college days at George Washington University and fans are amazed by how the actress still looks the same.

“Theatre Kid throwback. This is me backstage at Lisner Auditorium freshman year at GWU,” Washington, 43, shared.

Kerry Washington. @kerrywashington/Instagram

She continued, “If I were to tell this girl that she’d be in a Broadway musical coming to Netflix this week….she would probably first ask what in the world Netflix is…And then she would have freaked out! 🤩🤪😱.”

The actress is starring in the film adaptation of the Broadway musical “The Prom,” which comes to Netflix on Dec. 11.

“What a beauty,” one fan called Washington.

Another said, “Omg. Always been pretty.”

Several fans remarked on Washington’s lack of aging.

“Omg you look exactly the same !! Haven’t aged one bit,” one person said.

Another fan joked, “You’re just going to keep aging backwards? Okay—GOT IT.”

“You haven’t aged!!” one social media user commented under the photo.

Washington’s latest role in a musical has many fans surprised because of her longstanding career choices such as “Scandal,” “Little Fires Everywhere,” “Django Unchained” and more tend to be dramas.

“It’s so funny because people who’ve known me the longest know that it’s not really a departure,” she told The Grio on Dec. 4. “I spent a lot of time, all through high school and college doing a ton of musical theater. But I haven’t done it that much in my professional life.” 

Washington added, “So it was really fun. It was like, you know, it was like rendezvousing with an old love and like, you know, getting it back on. Is that OK to say?”

Her character in “The Prom” is a conservative woman who doesn’t allow her daughter to go to the end-of-the-year dance with her female classmate, a role the actress said was a “real challenge.”

“I think these issues have to be dealt with, particularly in the Black community. So often we are really tricked into voting against our best interests because we believe that some of these other issues, like abortion rights or LGBTQ rights, that those things should be more important than our shared humanity or voting in terms of the overall betterment of our community and of our world,” she declared. 

Washington continued, “So we’ll decide that because we agree on a conservative issue, it will destroy communities and destroy infrastructure, destroy the education system or a health care system because of these biases.”

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